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Written by: rob72830 on 2008-07-28

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rob72830's review: Callout Comment Finally got my BofA card today. It has been 40 days to the day I took my application to the local BofA branch to send it in. Not sure of my scores then but my PFICO was 646. I was approved for this card after being declined for a regular unsecured Platinum Visa from them. I just wish I could add money to my account to increase the credit line.


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Wow User Icon on 2008-07-28

Remarks I'm so happy for you. Congrads!! I guess it's the 99/500 and they won't let you add money because it's just as good as a unsecured card. Wow...40days... I know it was worth the wait. Is it a handsome card? Or the reg/Bofa logo?
Comment 2 by rivasglo
Cool! User Icon on 2008-07-28

Remarks Thats great news rob! That was a very long wait but I bet it was worth it.

Congrats and enjoy!
Comment 3 by rob72830
BofA 99/500 Card Arrived Today User Icon on 2008-07-28

Remarks Yoyo, thank you. It is very nice and shiny and looks just like the regular unsecured platinum Visa. Yeah, its the 99/500 card. I am glad I went on ahead and got this card even though I had to get a denial and 2 hard inquiries to get it. If what people tell me is true, then this will open the door to other great cards. If you are thinking about applying, I say go for it. : )
Comment 4 by yoyo11
Wonderful User Icon on 2008-07-28

Remarks Yeh... Rob I bank with BoFA... Got the offer two months ago... But denied due to my BK in 05. I'm very glad someone as deserving as you got it LOL!!!
Comment 5 by cireone
99/500 User Icon on 2008-07-28

Remarks CONGRATS on the card. Ive been searching far and wide for this card. Online it doesn't show up and they say that its not offered in the branches. Im just curious to know how did this offer come about to you???
Comment 6 by meya
Congrats User Icon on 2008-07-28

Remarks Way to go Big Rob, you are in the big dog house now!
Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: Rob User Icon on 2008-07-28

Remarks Welcome to the BOA Family! Take care of the card and it will take care of you when it's time to unsecure the card.
Comment 8 by chrispa
GREAT! User Icon on 2008-07-28

Remarks Congrats!

Good card and a good bank.

Comment 9 by rob72830
99/500 Card User Icon on 2008-07-29

Remarks Cireone, I applied for the regular unsecured Platinum Visa and was denied but then was offered the partially secured card. Thats how you apply for the 99/500 card. You can't outright apply for the 99/500 card. Also thanks everyone who encouraged me to hang in there. I believe this card and me are going places.
Comment 10 by kiejon9
Welcome To The BOA Family User Icon on 2008-07-29

Remarks Welcome to the BOA Family
Comment 11 by rwmtd
Congrats Rob72830 User Icon on 2008-07-29

Remarks And welcome to the family of BofA.
Comment 12 by mskiwi
Worth The Wait User Icon on 2008-07-31

Remarks It is worth the wait. WTG Rob! It should unsecure in 6-9 months.
Comment 13 by arod
7 Tips Surviving The Credit Crunch User Icon on 2008-08-03

Remarks Click link or highlight right click goto address


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