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Written by: irishpm on 2008-07-23

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irishpm's review: I wanted to have a rewards CC for no reason other than to charge items like gas or an occasional beer at my favorite watering hole.

Capital One gave me an instant approval of $300 CL in April and I was ok with that since I've got 2 other cards with much larger credit lines.

In the welcome package with my new CC, Capital One stipulated that if I paid on time each month for 6 billing cycles, they would consider a CLI of $200 for a total CL of $500.

I just checked my account online and they've given me the $200 CLI after only 2 billing cycles.

I paid the account online in full every 2 weeks but never got the balance anywhere near the original $300 CL ( I think the most I charged in a 2 week period was $125).

So it appears that Capital One (just like a lot of other banks and CC issuers) are closely monitoring our accounts, spending habits and ability to pay to determine whether or not you get any love from them in the form of credit line increases without asking.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Keep Up The Good Work on 2008-07-23

That's great news! I helped my father get approved for a Capital One card also last month. They approved him for a $500, not instantly. He's paying it off before the statement cuts because he is heavily using it. Capital One will keep giving you CLI's as long as your making on-time payments and don't go over your limit. Keep up the good work, good luck.
Comment 2 by yoyo11
IrishPM on 2008-07-23

Thanks for your card review... I'll keep what you said in mind.
Comment 3 by kiejon9
Capital One on 2008-07-24

Will I have a Cap one card and I can say for the last 6years that I love this card and they do give CLI about every 2 to 3mo on my card
Comment 4 by meya
Its Ok on 2008-07-24

They do want to see some spending and paying going on. Try to use the card more so that you can get the limit you deserve. I still believe that this card is a good card and they stick by their words. You will get the cli very soon, just hold on and see.
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