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Written by: kiejon9 on 2008-07-11

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kiejon9's review: Hello I just got married in may my wife did not have anything on her credit report but a car loan she got in Dec of 2007. I told her she need to start getting credit so we can buy a home. After being a on my bofa credit card acc I told to try to get one in her name without me being on it. Well she got the card with a $10,000 cl - thanks bofa


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Kiejon on 2008-07-11

So you are saying that your wife got approved for a BOA card with a $10k CL without any credit history?
Comment 2 by arod
More Info. on 2008-07-11

I agree hjm331 with no credit history approved that amount please specify if you can.

Most creditor need to see a history of credit cards, loans, car loans, home payments and a high income.


Comment 3 by mark
Car Loan Was A History on 2008-07-11

I think her car loan was her CREDIT history.

and the credit card oh her husband ( where she was an authorized user) probably reports to the credit bureas... Esp if it's BOFA

and probably they have a checking, savings, money market etc with BOFA

but let's wait for his clarification re the matter.

as for now, this are all assumptions.
Comment 4 by mrrob
WOW on 2008-07-11

I agree, I think the car loan was her history. Don't' spend the 10k in one place (lol). Enjoy the credit limit

Comment 5 by eric
IDK on 2008-07-11

I think one of our analyst there was lacking sleep on this application. Her credit history is only a car loan for the last 8 months and being an authorized user on an account... Im thinking about taking a position as an analyst. I would have given her $2k MAX.

Got to be something more there that we don't know.
Comment 6 by mark
How Do They Determine CL? on 2008-07-11

To Eric:

if you don't mind telling us..

how do analyst determine credit limits per applicant

Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: Mark on 2008-07-12

When it comes to CL's, the lender looks for your highest CL and checks to see if you have been able to maintain that CL with a solid payment history. Then, they decide what they feel comfortable starting you out with.
Comment 8 by mark
Thanks HJM on 2008-07-12

Oh I see!

thanks HJM!

well, maybe that's what happened in this case..

the analst based HER credit limit with the total CAR LOAN, which I assume is in the 20,000 range.

that's probably the reason why she was given $10,000 right away.

knowing Bank of America for being very stingy with CL and CLI.

i personally started with a low $700 with a VISA STudent Platinum Plus Card

and it took me a year with very good payment history before I was approved for another card.

all my internet request for a CLI were denied.

thanks again Hjm!
Comment 9 by hjm331
RE: Mark on 2008-07-12

I don't know how she received a CL of $10k when she doesn't have any history with credit cards. Credit cards and auto loans are two different things.

Also, it also took me a year for my student Visa to get upgraded to a Worldpoints Visa. They are not greedy at all. When they upgraded my student Visa to a WP Visa, I asked for a $1k CLI and they approved it over the phone. BOA likes to see a long and positive history with their cards. After you have maintained a good reputation with them, they will treat you a whole lot better.
Comment 10 by shark6
High Limit! on 2008-07-16

Congrats! Wow, that is a high limit that she got for a thin file. Tell her to count her blessings and to use the card responsibly as she is really luckly.
Comment 11 by kiejon9
Hello Hjm331 on 2008-07-20

Will all I know that bofa gave her the card she make about 80,000 a year and has 1 paid car loan with them
Comment 12 by kiejon9
To Arod on 2008-07-20

Hello Arod will for one I have a long history with b of a and by me having my wife on my bofa credit card as a authorized user do reports on her credit bureaus so that did help her with card and the one paid car loan was with bofa and her income is high and she make about 80,000 a year that's with out my income and we have some other acc with them if you need any more info email at kiejones9@yahoo.com

I think her car loan was her credit history.

And the credit card oh her husband ( where she was an authorized user) probably reports to the credit bureas... Esp if it's bofa

And probably they have a checking, savings, money market etc with bofa
But let's wait for his clarification re the matter.
As for now, this are all assumptions.
Comment 13 by kiejon9
To Eric on 2008-07-20

Hello Erice

Will for one my wife do have some credit history but she is on alot of my acc as authorized user and all the acc that she on as a authorized user is reporting on her credit.

So by me put her on my acc its helping build her credit.
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