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Written by: purple12 on 2008-07-10

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purple12's review: I applied for this card back in April and was denied.

Then in June, AMEX calls up and states that they had a glitch with their system when I applied. They asked if I wanted to apply for the card again on the phone (no hard pull). I agreed and was approved instantly.


Comment 1 by tynece
Glich on 2008-07-10

I wonder if they glitched the 2 times I applied LOL!!! What where your scores? If you don't mind and which ine did they use? what's the limit
Comment 2 by brian23
Wow.... on 2008-07-10

Congrats on the Amex, I wonder if maybe the same will apply to me... Jk... Lol
Comment 3 by arod
Congrats !! on 2008-07-10

Great Card... Use it wisely.

Again congrats on one of the good cards out there.

Take care,

Comment 4 by purple12
Reply on 2008-07-10

Thanks everyone!!

My scores were EX 640 - 650 range at the time of the original application. My initial C/L was 2k.
Comment 5 by tynece
SO Happy For You on 2008-07-10

Good start!!! Congrads. Keep us posted on the account. My score was 656 at the time I applied and they told me NO!!! I would have been happy with just a 2000.00 limit just to say I have an AMEX and to shop at costco. I had to go through BOA to get an AMEX. I love BOA
Comment 6 by kimi
Question? on 2008-07-10

Did you have any baddies on your experian back in April?
Comment 7 by purple12
Reply on 2008-07-10

Tynece, I went with BOA after I was denied initially by AMEX for the Blue. It was a good thing actually as BOA Amex is my largest C/L.

Kimi, I had some a bunch of 30 day lates from my ex's account (I was an AU on the accounts). I disputed later on & was able to remove all of them. The only negative marks on my report are some 30 day lates (disputed as well) with Wells Fargo on an auto loan (2 or 3 of them from 2003-2004).
Comment 8 by eldarwen
Congrats On The Card! on 2008-07-10

Congrats! Amex has been good to me so far, and I have been good to them!
Comment 9 by arod
Same Over Here on 2008-07-11

I love AMEX they have been good to me just like Citibank these bank will only get good comments from me..

again good luck,

Alex ( Amex FANATIC )
Comment 10 by mark
Congrtulations And Be Careful! on 2008-07-11

1. Congratulations!

2. Be careful with AMEX.

i hate to burst your bubble here, but lately... AMEX has been reducing credit limits to almost everyone, including long time patrons... For no logical reason..

you can search the forum or simply GOOGLE it if you want..

decreases ranging from $15,000 CL to a $500 is happening.

the worst part is... You'll only know it when you try your card and it gets declined... How embarrassing!!

stupid excuses like:

1. Too much utilization with your AMEX card.

2. Too much utilization with your other credit cards.

3. Too low utilization in your AMEX card, therefore you don't really need a HUGE credit limit... So let's cut your CL to 600%.

right now, with my SKY delta Platinum AMEX card, I make sure the amount I put in is so minimal that in case they decide to reduce my limit, I can pay all of it in a month.

i was recently approved with the BOA Accelerated REwards AMEX card, totally controlled by BOA, I plan to use it more often than my AMEX

as for your Bank of America AMEX... You can be rest assured that things like this won't happen... For now.
Comment 11 by kiejon9
I Can Never Get A Amex on 2008-07-11

Hello can some one help me out there I have good credit but I can never get a AMEX card. I have other card it card with like 5,000 10,000 15,000 2,000 cl but AMEX always comes back say no I have never been late on any thing I have 2 paid car loans and other loans paid off and my credit scores are 755/789/799.
Comment 12 by hjm331
AMEX on 2008-07-11

The Delta Skymiles AMEX is a good choice for AMEX beginners.
Comment 13 by mark
What's The Hype With AMEX? on 2008-07-11

I have an AMEX ( Delta Skymiles Platinum)

and a Bank of America AMEX as well.

my other cards are VISA and MasterCard.

up to now, I can't understand why some people think that AMEX is the Holy Grail or something..

if I have to choose just one card..

i have to say VISA with worldpoints from BOFA or Chase Freedom VISA.

then Mastercard... Before I choose AMEX

my experience with AMEX esp when I go outside the US for travel..

only 2 out of 5 merchants accept them... Esp the small and local retailers..

VISA/MC still have more acceptance than AMEX.

and the current trend where AMEX is reducing CL, makes it more unappealing to me.
Comment 14 by meya
Wow on 2008-07-11

Wonder why they wont do that to me... Lol Congrats

Hey KIEJON9, I find that very strange unless you are loaded with credit cards or been close to the 50% mark in util. What was the reason for your denial? They usually tell you online if you click to see the results then.
Comment 15 by arod
Mark on 2008-07-11

Mark with all do respect. Amex really has done the same that you have received with BOA to me now maybe you had bad experience but in my case it has only been good especially with the member ship rewards.

Now I recently applied as a second cardholder for BOA its a great bank just like my Citibank and My Amex and I have herd of lowering credit line by AMEX but it hasn't happen to me.

Amex is worth having on your credit report.

And with all respect all banks are business so it doesn't matter what you have they are here to make a profit.

So enjoy if you have Amex, BOA, HSBC, Citi, Chase, wamu, others

We all need them and that's the bottom line.

Comment 16 by kiejon9
To Meya on 2008-07-20

Will what happened was that I had a security freeze on my credit report and AMEX did not get to see my credit reports and then they sent me a letter is week telling that they need my security code that I setup with the experian to see my credit report. But now have 3 cards thanks AMEX I am now happy with AMEX, and yes i am loaded with credit cards, but they are all paid off and on my credit report is say that i have 99% of my credit available to me. I pay all my bills on time.

Jul 11, 2008 Blue from American Express
Approved congratulations! Your application has been approved and you should receive your new card within 7-10 days.

If you requested a balance transfer to this card, click here to view the status of that transfer.

Jul 14, 2008 the American Express blue for business card

Approved congratulations! Your application has been approved and you should receive your new card within 7-10 days.

If you requested a balance transfer to this card, click here to view the status of that transfer

Jul 18, 2008 business green rewards card

Approved congratulations! Your application has been approved and you should receive your new card within 7-10 days.

If you requested a balance transfer to this card, click here to view the status of that transfer
Comment 17 by meya
Thanks on 2008-07-22

Thanks for the info, I see where you are comming from now. But here is one more thing that we need to watch out for... Having too much available credit can hurt us as well as having a high balance. That is when they start to use the income-to-credit ratio. Glad to see you with teir one cards, they are not even giving me a chance... Lol
Comment 18 by kiejon9
To Meya on 2008-07-23

You welcome meya I know I will watch out for having to much available credit
Comment 19 by ashes
Need Some Informartion on 2008-08-02

Can someone tell me which credit bureau does Am Ex pull? All 3 or just one? The reason I ask is my FICO score on Experian is 690 while on Transunion and Equifax it is 770+. There is a stupid collections item on my report which has been paid off and will come off in 18 months.
Comment 20 by kiejon9
Amex on 2008-08-02

They can pull all 3 if they want to but when I got my amex they pull exp report
Comment 21 by ashes
AMEX on 2008-08-02

You see that is what I don't want them to do, pull Expreian only. All 3 I have a good chance. I guess I can wait 18 months before applying because I don't feel my chances are very good with a 690 Experian Score.
Comment 22 by kiejon9
Amex on 2008-08-02

Well its best for you to wait then
Comment 23 by hjm331
RE: Ashes on 2008-08-02

If you want to get your foot into the door with AMEX, apply for the Delta Skymiles AMEX. It's for consumers with fair credit. I was approved for that card with similiar scores as yours. It's worth a try.
Comment 24 by thomas1
AMEX on 2008-08-02

You stand a good chance of approval, but agreeing with Hjm, maybe go a little safer with the Delta Skymiles But then again, that paid collection that comes off in 18 months has aged 5 1/2 years too, they might look right over that also. Up to you though. Good luck!
Comment 25 by wildrage2
Exp on 2008-08-02

They almost always ONLY pull Experian. Experian is my lowest score as well... Screw that..
Comment 26 by cireone
AMEX on 2008-08-02

YEah they pull Experian. They also have them servicing their credit report monitoring program. If you do have a card and decide to apply for another, they wont do another hard pull. Just look at the current.
Comment 27 by adicus
My 2 Cents. on 2008-08-02

They pull 100% Experian, unless your Experian file doesn't provide enough information, then they will pull the other two bureaus. FYI I wouldn't apply if you have any derogatory accounts or collections on your file. It's almost a guaranteed turn down.
Comment 28 by shark6
Experian on 2008-08-02

They pull almost 100% Exp and HJM331 is correct, Delta Skymiles is the more lenient one to get. I wouldn't apply unless your utilization is low. The CO if paid and old, they sometimes overlook.
Comment 29 by ashes
Thanks Everyone on 2008-08-02

Thanks everyone for your comments. Yes the collections in 5.5 years old and was put on my file 18 months ago. For 4 years they "forgot" about it. In any case, I will just wait 18 months to have this dropped from my report. In a year and a half I should have a 770+ score on all 3 reports. I really don't need this card but I like Am Ex and their customer service. I guess I will have to do with Visa and Mastercards for now :)

Thanks everyone again for your most insightful inputs.
Comment 30 by arod
Yes Wait !!! on 2008-08-03

I know you want this card wait... Because you don't want a decline on your file plus your FICO at 700 plus will give you a better deal..

Take Care,

Comment 31 by ashes
Re Yes Wait on 2008-08-03

In reality I may "want" the card but I don't "need" it. I already have about 40k+ total credit limit on my 5 cards and another 35k on my charge cards (Lowers, Macys, Bassett and others). All my CCs are Visa and MC so I wanted an AmEx just in case. But in reality I don't need it because I haven't found a place which takes AmEx and not a Visa.
Comment 32 by colonative
Ashes on 2008-08-13

A place that takes Amex but not Visa:

Neiman Marcus


Comment 33 by ashes
Re: Ashes on 2008-08-15

Thanks for telling me about Costco and Neiman Marcus. I don't shop at either. But your point is well noted. :)
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