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Written by: rebecca on 2007-05-17

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rebecca's review: Callout Comment When I was going through my divorce, I had limited money, I fell behind a couple of payments. The balance on my card was 2,300 I called to explain to them I was broke but I could pay them in full in about two months. Well two months went by and I had the money I called them up to pay them off they had sent my card to collection and threatening to sue me. Now it wouldn't had been so bad if two months before the supervisor said ok we'll put a hold on your payments.

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Comment 1 by eric
Re:Capital One A Hassleful User Icon on 2007-05-18

Remarks Hi Rebecca... First of all I am a customer care specialist at a huge bank (not capitalone). Credit cards DO NOT hold accounts. I understand your intentions on the account and the hard times that you were going through. But they will not hold the balances until you can come up with the money. The supervisor that you talked to should have let you know what was in store for the account at the end of the two months. Im pretty cut and dry with customers who cant pay. I wil let them know that we only keep the accounts in house for so long and then they will go to another collection company or depending on the balance and the type of card could go to an attorney. Credit card companies take ALOT of losses. Each and every person card companies give credit cards to is a risk. Anything could change month to month per customer. My advise is to see if you can do a settlement and start low and see what you can do. Offer them 50% right off the bat and go from there.
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