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Written by: richard on 2007-05-15

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richard's review: Callout Comment Made an online payment late April, transposed two numbers on the checking account - thanks to old-age eyesight. The routing (bank ID) number was right, they had the right name - but that was an opportunity to collect a $20 returned payment fee. Of course they didn't notify me that the payment wasn't made so they could get their $35 late fee. I'm amazed Kroger would associate with such a low life bank - I'm done with them.

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Comment 1 by eric
Re:Predatory Banking User Icon on 2007-05-18

Remarks Hi Richard... First of all I work as a customer care specialist for a pretty big credit card bank. We get accounts that have NSF or wrong account numbers all the time. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure ALL routing numbers and account numbers are correct. First of all we cant draw money from the wrong account to make your payments, Im sure you would be pretty upset if someone accidently put your acct# in and was able to pay a credit card from it. Second of all the banks don't have time to proofread your online or phone payment. You were charged the NSF fee because of a mistake YOU made. Sorry Im being blunt but that just the way it is. And also if you miss a payment you could fall into your DEFAULT rate which it looks like you have. Its all in the contract that you received with your card. PLEASE ppl-look at your terms of agreements when you receive your cards. They are important. I would recommend storing them with your pin# or statements.

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