"300 Limit-20.00-29.00-150.00=101.00"

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Written by: leann on 2007-05-15

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leann's review: Callout Comment I signed up for this card, payed the 20.00 to get it going. Now I receive a bill for 179.00 (Account opening Fee finance charge and 150.00 annual fee)
I am now on the phone for 20 minutes to talk to an account rep and for the second time its dead silence. Do I hang up and get in the waiting que like before? I refuse to pay this fee. They can keep the 20.00, but damn I wont pay the 179.00. Its a consumer rip off!!!


Comment 1 by carond
Fee User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks Didn't you know there was a $150 fee, it was in the paperwork...
Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: Caron User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks That's what happens when you're applying for credit cards at midnight. Lol People usually just skip through the terms and conditions before hitting the submit button on an application which makes it a very bad habit.
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