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Written by: amyb98 on 2008-06-28

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amyb98's review: I got this card in March with a $300 limit. I use it and pay the balance of every month. I followed the Credit Steps and my cl went to $500 the first part of June. I stumbled across this website and found the magic number. I called and 2 1/2 weeks after getting the increase from credit steps, I am up $500 more for a cl of $1000 since March! This site is great! I also love the service from Capital One. I got another card from them in May, the Cash Back Mastercard and the limit is $500. After credit steps it is supposed to go to $750, but I am making a large payment on it next week and I wondered if I should chance it and call after I make the payment, before the credit steps kicks in? I think I read on another review that someone else had done that. However, there is a difference, on the first card I pay off the entire balance, but on this card I just paid more than the minimum, so I didn't know if it would work. I'm glad I found this site! Thanks!


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Amy on 2008-06-28

Call before credit steps kicks in. That's what I did with my second Capital One card. They started me off with $500 and I asked for an increase before the credit steps kicked in and they raised my CL to $1,000. After 3 months, they gave me an auto CLI of $500 bringing my limit up to $1,500 and I haven't received a CLI since then. Lol
Comment 2 by ding
Credit Steps??? on 2008-06-28

What is credit steps and how soon does it kick in? I have only heard of it on this website... I just received a new card and wanted to know when to ask for the upgrade of CLI, thanks.
Comment 3 by hjm331
RE: Ding on 2008-06-28

Credit steps is the letter new Capital One customers receive 2 weeks after they receive their card saying that if you meet 3 of their requirements, they will give you an increase within 90 days.

Those requirements are:

1. Use your card at least once within the first 90 days of activating it.

2. Don't go over your limit.

3. Make your payments on-time.
Comment 4 by casey
Worked For Me Too on 2008-06-28

I called last week about my Visa card, they gave me a $500 increase. New limit is $2996... Goofy I know. I'm not the biggest fan of Capital One... They started me at $3000 on this card, then raised me to $3500, then a month later, CLD me down to $1996 because they issued me "too high" of a limit. Almost closed it then... I paid it off and stopped using it. Then I got $500 back, raising me to $2496, and now another $500, now at $2996. I guess my next one will be $4, cause I was told that maximum limit for this card is $3000... But with them I never know... So at least I got $1000 of my original limit back...
Comment 5 by ding
Thanks Hjm331 on 2008-06-29

ALthough I have to say that it is not 2 weeks after that you are in that program... I just received my 2nd cc from them a Visa and I called right away to ask about an increase and was told no-(that was c/s)... So 2 days later I called backdoor number and the senior guy told me the same thing... Sorry you are involved with credit steps..(he told me what they were as well) and that I was not eligible to get and increase yet... So I guess it works for some people and not for others... But keep me updated as to all of your progress guys... Thanks.
Comment 6 by shark6
Yes, Backdoor Does Work on 2008-06-29

I have had 2 Cap1 cards from 2003. On one of them I got an auto CLI last year for the first time in about 5yrs. The other card, I got nothing. This week I called the backdoor # 2 times and I got a $2=300 CLI on both of them.

Thanks to FG for that tip.
Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: Ding on 2008-06-29

Call the backdoor number right before your 3rd statement cuts. They give the credit steps CLI right after your 3rd statement cuts.
Comment 8 by crazysue
THE NUMBER on 2008-07-19

I would love this "back door number" I've had my Cap one MC Plat. Card since 12/07 cl was 300 to start then it went up to 500 and I have left it at that... It does have 0 intro for a year so I do carry a balance... What do you think could I get this "back door number" and try or wait a bit till my balance (and other balances) are low
Comment 9 by lulu1980
SWEET!! on 2008-07-19

Holy cow!! I have been reading everyone's stories about how the backdoor # worked for them, even on new credit cards, but with my credit and the fact I've hardly had my card 2 months, I thought I would be shooting my self in the foot if asked.

So I called this morning and BAM! I went from my lil $300 limit to $600. AND I GET MY AUTO CLI IN A FEW WEEKS!

Comment 10 by kiejon9
Whats The #### on 2008-08-02

Hello can some tell me the back door ### for cap 1 so I can have my wife cll so she can get a cli
Comment 11 by kiejon9
The Back Door ### Workd on 2008-08-02

Hello everyone my wife got her cli from the back door number today and she just got her card in in may of this year
Comment 12 by meya
Way To Go on 2008-08-02

How much did she get and what was her limit before she got one?
Comment 13 by baystate
Back Door Number on 2008-08-05

Does anyone have the back door number for Cap One?
Comment 14 by meya
Here You Are on 2008-08-06

Hi Baystate, here is the link to all of them, but you should come inside the network where we have a lot of info about cap 1.

Comment 15 by baystate
Re: Meya on 2008-08-06

Thanks Meya...
Comment 16 by baystate
Re: Backdoor Number on 2008-08-06

Thanks for everyones input regarding the backdoor numbers and CLI's. I called Cap 1 tonight and finally got an increase on my account. Only $300 but that's more than they given me in years!
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