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Written by: john1979 on 2008-06-28

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john1979's review: Callout Comment Applied for this card a few days ago. Its my second Amex card this year. Amex pulled from Exp and my FICO at time of app was 694. Approved with $6300 CL. Will ask for CLI at activation. My Delta Sky Miles Amex was opend in Feb' 08 with a $7900 Cl. Right after I applied for the Amex Blue Cash I went into my Delta account and requested a CLI. I asked for 15K and it was granted. Havent had any issues with AMEX as of yet. HSBC can kiss my butt!!!


Comment 1 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2008-06-28

Remarks Congrats on you getting another AMEX.
Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: John User Icon on 2008-06-28

Remarks That's great news! Congrats on the approval and CLI! Just make sure you carry a back-up to these cards because AMEX is acting really shady right now. They can randomly decrease your limit or suspend your account without notification or permission.
Comment 3 by arod
Congrats !! User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks This is a great card good luck and enjoy one of the best cards out there I cant wait until 2010 to apply..

Good luck to you,

Comment 4 by kmoney
I Totally Agree With HJM User Icon on 2008-06-30

Remarks Yes please be careful because AMEX said that they will definitely decrease your limit.
Comment 5 by john1979
Amex Blue Cash User Icon on 2008-06-30

Remarks Yes I have heard about the cld's but if I get FR'd, I do have the tax forms to back up my income. Even if after that they still decrease my limit, I guess I will have to stick with Chase or BOA. Both those cards are 15k +. Im really hoping they don't FR me but if they do I am prepared, plus my util is extremely low. Wish me luck!!!
Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: John User Icon on 2008-06-30

Remarks There's no way that we can make the banks confident with the way we use our credit cards now. If we keep utilization low, they are worried about all the available credit turning into large purchases at any given time. If we keep a large balance on our cards, they were that we are going to charge even more on our cards. There's just no escaping this situation, unfortunately.
Comment 7 by eldarwen
Congrats User Icon on 2008-06-30

Remarks On the card. Just be careful not to ring up too many balances and to PIF every month. You don't want to see a credit limit decrease. I have an AMEX Blue card and have not seen that happen to me yet.
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