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Written by: casey on 2007-04-28

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casey's review: Callout Comment I have had this card slightly over two years now. I only keep it because of the history, looks good on credit report. They only report to TransUnion. I always get an increase every 3 months, started at $300 limit, currently at $1000, with a maximum limit of $2000, so I'm half way there. Dakota State bank owns the card now, but my account is still under the old MetaBank terms, thank goodness. Now you are capped at $1000, and they only give $50 increases every 6 months, but I receive $100 increases every 3 months.
I HATE having to call in to request the increase. They rep asks you too many questions. Your name, your address, your ss#, your home phone, your work phone, your cell phone, your e mail--5 minutes to go through all that. My other cards ask for name and last 4 of social... They want your life story for "security reasons". I'm a busy person, I just want my increase, I'm entitled to it. Cant use it at pay at the pump, not good for cash, only $25 at a time, and charge $5 for that. Excellent on line management and bill pay, at least that is free. Available credit updates next day IF you pay with credit/debit card or moneygram, otherwise 14 day hold till available credit updated. I don't even use mine anymore, just keep it because it the longer account I've had after my bankruptcy. Lots of fees. $8/month participation fee/ $48 annual fee $25 credit limit increase fee.

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Comment 1 by vicvogl
What A Service! User Icon on 2007-12-03

Remarks They have just sent me a bill but no card. To send me a card they would need a "good faith" deposit of $40.

Good Luck!
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