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Written by: joseph on 2007-04-25

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joseph's review: Callout Comment I had just applied for this card and at first was denied due to my FICO falling over a 100 points due to reporting of a maxed credit card. When I spoke to the customer service department they looked at the depth of my credit and that I had not one late payment on my credit report they overturned the decision and I will have my balance transferred and pay 2.9% until July of 2008. I am currently at a fixed rate of 15%. That's going to be a huge savings for me in interest and I will be able to pay it down much quicker. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my application and their decision to help me. In addition I also have to say there car insurance is by far the best I have ever dealt with. So I give a 10 to this credit card company.

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Comment 1 by rockin35
Couldnt Agree More.. User Icon on 2008-04-30

Remarks I agree, totally. I applied for this card 3 years ago and was turned down, but I called again in the last month they approved me as well. My APR is like yours 14.27%, which is phenominal... I have always had their insurance and never had any problems. The customer service is also very good and informed... Rockin35!! Congratulations...
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