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Written by: rhea on 2007-04-21

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rhea's review: Callout Comment The card is great, but the website sucks! I do all my bills through online banking, and so far this card is the only card difficult to pay for because I don't have a checkbook and paying over the phone is $14 extra! I've tried numerous times to sign up for an account on their website, but it just keeps saying that account already exists?! No matter how many times or how many different usernames I put, it keeps saying that the account already exists!? I called the 1800 number, they keep suggesting to reset the password, but there's no point because it wont let me sign up to begin with. It's so inconvenient to have to pay over the phone and that $14 just keeps dragging my budget down... I don't care if it's $14! I'm a working student and everything I need comes out of my own pocket so every penny counts!Does anyone else have trouble signing up?


Comment 1 by deeone
NEED NEW WEBSITE User Icon on 2007-10-13

Remarks The credit card is great. However, trying to login to pay your bill is terrible. It is definitely an inconvience if you prefer to pay your bill online then to receive a $14 charge to pay over the phone. The wesite techinicn reall needs to have this.
Comment 2 by meya
RE: Deeon User Icon on 2007-10-14

Remarks Hi Deeon, you are going to find out that a lot of creditors charge to pay over the phone regardless to if it was subprimed or not. I recently found out that one of my creditors charge a fee and I was shocked to find out that my local cable company is now charging a fee for phone payments. I guess they all want to force us to online payment so they could erase the reps and outsource from another coutnry.
Comment 3 by ken
Works Just Fine For Me! User Icon on 2007-10-15

Remarks I recently applied for and received my Tribute MasterCard. When I went online to see what was involved in making a payment, I came across a review that said the user was unhappy with the online payment service offerd, and she could not make her payments that way. Only thing I can say to that is that she should call the Customer Service number and have someone help her reset her information. I did, and it took about 15 minutes total from first comment to completion. Why fuss and cry when you can spend a few minutes fixing the thing once and for all? The time I spent -once- will save me lots of money over the next several years.
Comment 4 by jwalker
My Tribute Mastercard User Icon on 2008-03-02

Remarks I have had my card for almost a year. The website is great!! I have never experienced a problem.
Comment 5 by carond
Use Online Bill Pay User Icon on 2008-03-28

Remarks If you have a bank account and they have a bill pay option, use that. My bank sends an electronic payment to them in one day...
Comment 6 by thumper
Tribute Card User Icon on 2008-06-08

Remarks Works fine for me-never had a problem paying online and have paid by phone once-never charged 14.00?? You sure you called the right place??
Comment 7 by wildrage2
New Fee User Icon on 2008-06-09

Remarks Per their website, they will start charging a fee for online payments sometime in June.
Comment 8 by hjm331
RE: Wildrage User Icon on 2008-06-09

Remarks As Caron suggested, you should use your Bill Pay option through your checking account online.
Comment 9 by wildrage2
Nope User Icon on 2008-06-09

Remarks No thanks. the fee is nominal. I never trust online billpay through checking. i'd rather either just pay the fee or write a check.
Comment 10 by keith50t
My Tribute Card User Icon on 2008-06-20

Remarks I also have problems with the cards website. Everytime I login it says no account exists and reset the password. I enjoy having the card but don't like having to phone in when I wish to get my account.
Comment 11 by 1badspud
Going Out Of Biz User Icon on 2008-08-28

Remarks Mytributecard.com is no longer taking applications and is going out of business. They are lowering people's credit limits for whatever reasons and cutting bait with others.

They have to follow the fair lending and credit act and cannot close an account in good standing but they can and will lower your credit limits and cancel your account if they cannot. I hate this card and am glad to see them going out of business. I was paying more in fee's and charges than with purchases. My friend worked with them and said that they are going "down the tubes" wouldn't be supprised. Good Riddance.
Comment 12 by upthehill
This Card SUCKS User Icon on 2008-08-28

Remarks I got this card about a year ago and it is the worst. I pay my bills on time and they sent me a letter that they were lowering my credit line due to insufficient usage??? WTH? There is no customer service and I was paying huge fee's with no balance!?! When I finally did get to talk to someone they told me I was lucky they didn't cancel my account. Then I saw on the news they were closing down. yall better find a better card.
Comment 13 by meya
Woe User Icon on 2008-08-28

Remarks Can we have the link to the news website you saw this on? We need to warn out members and friends/fmaily who applied for this card... Jesus!
Comment 14 by sweetlo
14 Dollar Charge User Icon on 2008-10-08

Remarks U need to fix the problem we r not rich why cant we pay online
Comment 15 by meya
They Are Not The Only Ones User Icon on 2008-10-08

Remarks You know Credit One do the same thing. :(
Comment 16 by triciab
Account Closure User Icon on 2008-10-09

Remarks I signed onto my account last night and noticed I had no credit line, so I called customer service and sure enough they closed my account!!

I have never nissed a payment, sometimes pay twice a month!

The BS I got was that I was over my limit $10 in August!!!
Comment 17 by jennyred66
Tribute Closing Accounts User Icon on 2008-10-13

Remarks They closed my account out of nowhere. I was so shocked, not only had they just increased my limit to $700.00 they had also gotten rid of my annual fee. They said I was $10.00 over my limit and I had the whole month of Sept to rectify it. I paid them three times in Sept. WTH? I thought maybe it was just a mistake, however, I keep seeing the same story all over the net. I believe they are in BIG trouble with the SEC or FCC whatever its called. When I called customer service the woman on the phone (who I could barely understand ) just kept repeating the same thing over and over as if I was just hard of hearing. Then to top it off I got something in the mail from them today, congratulating me on my new" VIP status". Apparently as a VIP card holder I will receive all kinds of perks. It went on to say " I'm a very valued customer because only 15% of cardholders get this invitation." How ridiculous is that?

I really liked this card never had any problems that's why I was so shocked! I think Salute is affiliated with them as well as Imagine and Aspire so look out if you have any of those cards. You can look them up by Compu Care and First Bank of Delaware. They are not doing well at all!!
Comment 18 by meya
Eww User Icon on 2008-10-14

Remarks I hate that happen to you, but at the same time, be glad that you were saved. Do you have a cap one or Orchard?
Comment 19 by fu-tribute
My Account Closed Today Also User Icon on 2008-10-20

Remarks I received a strange notice in the mail today that my account had been closed. A call to their customer service center confirmed it. I've always made my payments on time and have never been overlimit, but the rep on the phone claimed my last payment was received 2 days late, so they closed the account. I told him it was mailed 10 DAYS in advance of the due date. He didn't seem to care and said he couldn't get the account reinstated.

I'm FURIOUS. I hope they go down in flames.
Comment 20 by revneal
Account Suspensions/Closures User Icon on 2008-10-31

Remarks I have had this card for over 2 years. I have maintained in paid in-full the entire time I have had and used it. The credit limit went from $500 to $800 to $1000 to $1400 during this period of time, plus I was offered VIP status 2 months ago (which I didn't accept because I don't need it and rarely use the card). Early on I used this card because I was rebuilding my credit, but over the past several months I've obtained much better credit cards with much higher limits and much lower interest rates and and no fees. I had planned to cancel this card for a while now, but wanted to wait a while longer to see if Tribute would move me further into their better customer status ranks. Such was not to be the case.

On October 17 I received notice in the mail that my account's charging privileges had been suspended. I went online and checked my account. Sure enough, my credit limit had been reduced to $0.00 but my balance showed yet another monthly activity charge! Otherwise, NO justification for their action. When I wrote them, their only response was that I had not abided by the original agreement. When I checked my account's history I noticed that a charge of $1410 had first been charged to my account on 10/14, then removed a few minutes later. When I checked back with Tribute, they cited this $10 over-draft as their justification for suspending my account. I challenged them on this, pointing out that it was clearly an account error on their part, but the response back was the robotic drone that I had not abided by the terms of the original agreement and so my charging privileges could not be re-established.

As a result, I ordered them to close my account. They responded back that they couldn't close the account at my request because they were closing it at their own discretion.

Further investigation with contacts in the banking industry have revealed that First Bank Delaware (Tribute's bank) is having serious cash-flow problems and that non-performing accounts -- accounts that don't draw in much interest due to full-payments on them (accounts like mine) are being canceled due to the most frivolous of reasons, including accounting errors on Tribute's part.

In short, I would be very careful about using the Tribute card. If this is your only card, I would seek another one as quickly as possible. Through judicious use of this card for the last 2 years I moved my credit score up and thereby enabled myself to access much more sound credit sources. My only mistake was that I didn't proactively cancel this card before they canceled ME.
Comment 21 by meya
Wow User Icon on 2008-10-31

Remarks This is a very interesting review. You mean to tell me that they canceled you because they could not make any money from you. Dispute the fact that they are out ripping individuals pockets off their pants, is hot on the market as a scammer, suffering with huge claims against consumers through the BBB, and from what I hear, is under investigations from the FCC!

I feel you on this one, it is a awful feeling to be dropped from a low down dirty company that you would have left in the first place. I think they are closing the accounts just so that you can not get to them first. They are out to get those who are desperate and grateful to be approved for a credit card, but little do those individuals know, there are other cards who will pick them up just as fast as Tribute did.

I am glad that you have better cards now, I wish a lot of people will leave them. There are some that says, "I have no problem with them!" I just wish they would have selected another alternative rather than picking up this card. You are a perfect example of not having one problem with them neither, but yet, look what happened to you. Tribute, you are such a bummer!
Comment 22 by zoe
WARNING! BEWARE! User Icon on 2009-01-08

Remarks I received my credit report recently and I noticed that my Tribute Gold account is in a closed status. When I called to ask them what happened they informed me that all Tribute card holders were sent a letter stating their accounts have been closed. The representative continued to advise that this letter should have been sent to me (I still have no such notification) and that this does not effect my credit. I advised her that I am applying for a loan and that I needed to have this line of credit as verification of my good payment history and I needed to have an open account that is revolving. As is the case now... It comes off like I've been closed for non-payment or delinquent when I have had the best of payment history with them. As a matter of fact, just recently I got a credit increase from $300 to $500! They even charged the annual fee... Just to cancel on me without notification. The rep then offered to send me a letter saying that my account is closed simply because the bank is no longer carrying Tribute cards. My second reason for calling them was that on my report it stated that in June I was 30 days. This is absolutely untrue! I requested that they remove that derogatory information from my report immediately. They asked that I call a different number to discuss that issue. I did just what they asked... And wouldn't you know that they are now claiming (just as others are reporting) that Tribute is alive and healthy as a company but that my account (in particular) was closed at their discretion for a late payment made in July! Again, no such thing has occurred on my end! I have made my payments on time and even paid twice in one month. I requested my letter saying that this account was closed in good standing, and asked them to correct their discrepancy in reporting to the 3 bureaus. They declined to do either. I asked for a transcript and/or recording of our current conversation, and the conversation of 01/07/09 because I was advised that my conversation was being taped for QC purposes and I would like to have it. I was given a supervisor who told me he would have to search for it and call me back. You probably already guessed that I have not had a call back since! If I don't get resolution within 5 business days I will be filing a complaint with the FCC http://esupport. Fcc. Gov/complaints. Htm and the BBB https://odr. Bbb. Org/odrweb/public/complaintlink.aspx. I suggest that if youre having the same or similar problem that you do the same.
Comment 23 by samsadime
Something Has To Be Done User Icon on 2009-01-17

Remarks I always paid My Tribute Card on time have had it for 2 years... I usually pay it early but with the hussle and bustle of the Holidays I forgot to pay it..(by a few days). So I went online fully prepared to pay the stupid late fee and noticed that they closed my account!!! FOR ONE LATE PAYMENT? I called customer service and got the same run around as everyone else has... So fine they closed my card but I am 6 years out of a bankruptcy with a perfect payment history and now I am going to have a black mark on my credit!! This sucks... They told me that they close accounts that go over the limit or payments are late... And that I could talk to an account specialist during regular business hours... Oh and the kicker... When they close your account... They charge you an additional $9.95 per month for (account maintenance)... I want to know where in the cardholder agreement it says they will close your account after one late or over the limit...
Comment 24 by lfox
Regarding Tribute - It Does Suck User Icon on 2009-02-10

Remarks I will admit, my credit was not always stellar, however, in good faith I opened one of these "over the top APR, $35. Late fee, $35. Over the limit, $6 plus to "maintain" my account - for a lousy $300 line of credit." It is what it is and sometimes you have to bite the bullet. In November of 2008, I reeceived "Congratulations" from Tribute - they had increased my credit line. Unfortunately, in December of 2008 my account went over the limit by $20.00 (3 charges I am disputing, and as the consumer you have the right to ask for your fees to be waived once a year). My billing cycle starts on the 12th of every month. In January, I paid $75.00 and 2 weeks later I paid an additional $200.00. Imagine my surprise when I went to use my card and it failed because, I was informed (by someone I could not understand and I speak over 5 languages) that my account was closed on December 10, 2008. 2 days before my billing cycle began and to date (2/10/2009) I have not been informed via mail or telephone. The young man told me a letter had been sent out in the first week of Feb. Further, I was informed that my account was closed for going over my credit limit - BRFORE IT WAS DUE! In addition, I received a promotion in the mail 2 weeks ago indicating that for the following 3 months my APR would be 0%. A promotoin for someone who is no longer a customer? How does that work? This is not about the money-according to their records (and mine) as of February my balance remains $268. After paying $275. Within 1 billing period. Get this - my limit is $350. I spoke with a zombie on the phone today and asked her to quote me from the contract, terms/conditions where it was indicated that if you went over your limit once, your account would be closed. She did not know - the repeated mantra which I am sure is part of their job. I asked for the supervisor and she could not explain where the rule stated that my account was closed after 1 time of going over the limit fee (Oh, by the way, I went over the limit in August of 2008 and received a credit increase in November) I realized that I was not speaking to someone who was well trained, but I was so frustrated I asked the supervisor why she did not know the terms of a contract which she deals with on a daily basis. She had no idea what I was speaking about when I raised the issue of the Fair consumer act, etc., when I asked why I had not received any notification she had the gaul to say that a letter was mailed on December 11, 2008. I informed her tht one of her "busy bees" had told me otherwise; it was mailed in the first week of Feb. The topper on this story that never ends is that when I asked the supervisor who Tribute's parent company was and how I could reach the corpoate legal department, I was informed that she could not release that information. When I told her about the SEC and Freedom of information Act related to public corporations - her mantra was "Is there anything else that I can do for you?". I smell an Acquisition and I will find out who is taking over their company. What most people do not know is that before a Merger and/or Acquisition can be completed a little thing called "Due Diligence" must be performed - this includes any and all outstanding litigation or law suits. I do not believe in petty suits, however, I was deceived. I paid in good faith in order to rectify my mistake, which I take full responsibility for, and I was not even notified that my account was closed. They were even offering me promotions. I could have been deceitful and said that I "mailed a check" in December and it was returned or whatever, but I was trying to do the right thing and pay my debt - all the while Tribute has lead me along the path of roses to get their balance. Trust me, I will spend more than my balance to right this wrong (and I have the employees' personal ID company numbers for future reference). Advice: when speaking to Customer service, write everything down. Do not ask a question that you do not already know the answer to, these emplyees - especially a supervisor-are uninformed and they say whatever they have to get rid of you. You will be glad to know that I kept them on the phone for 2 hours and when asked to hold -I went no where. I am in the corporate legal feild and at one time one of my specialties was Bankruptcy and I saw how people were treated. Older women being sworn at by a bill collector at her job! Against the law! Once I find out through SEC and Live Edgar who may be aquiring Tribute I will contact that bank. I must be getting old, or maybe I need a life, but I am so tired of being polite and honest and being treated like crap. I am 41 years old - I want my "Thank you, you are a customer and we can remedy this. After all, the custumer is always right." Even when they are not. My appologies for the length of this Magna Carta - I had to vent!!! Anyone has any questions related to credit, feel free to ask me. PS. Due to our ecomomic situation, credit is being lowered and companies are doing anything to settle a debt - use that to your advantage.
Comment 25 by rollerdoll
Lower APR Request? User Icon on 2009-02-20

Remarks Does anyone know if you request to have your rate and/fees reduced if they will do that or not with the tribute card?
Comment 26 by meya
Re: Rollerdoll User Icon on 2009-02-21

Remarks I must admit that I only have bad thoughts and suggestions of this card, but I do want to give you a thread where you can receive faster answers from, which is:

1. Http://www.Financeglobe.com/SocialNet/forum/showthread.php?t=402&highlight=credit+card+questions

Keep us posted in the comments with your overall usage of the card.

Comment 27 by kristen98
Suggestion User Icon on 2009-05-30

Remarks I just pay the bill through my bank. If you give your bank the information to send, it's free. Online banking. You just need the name of the card, address, and acct. #. I use online banking for all my bills. It works great. Bank of America, but I am sure most have this service, but with them you get the 1st 5yrs. Free b/c you're a student. Just a thought!
Comment 28 by jerry007
Tribute Is A Bad Card User Icon on 2009-07-19

Remarks Had Tribute Mastercard for 32 months and never missed a payment. Went on vacation and came back to find out Tribute had closed my account. I was one day late with my next payment. All those months making payments on time doesn't mean anything to these people.
Comment 29 by bluetonite
BTW, Tribute Is CLOSED User Icon on 2009-09-05

Remarks I went online to check my balance and I noticed that I had a zero credit limit, called in, and they told me that they are closing everysingle Tribute Mastercard. I have had them now for over 2 years, never once been late, have a $900 credit limit, increassed from $300 were I started, and they refuse to give me another option, or any of their other cards. They are telling me that have no reason to close my account, they say that they are just closing it.
Comment 30 by deedee7
Tribute Ripoff Please Help User Icon on 2009-09-08

Remarks I just read all 24 comments about Tribute and I have so many concerns about what this may do to my credit. I applied for this card about 2.5 years ago and faithfully make my payments monthly, sometimes bimonthly. My credit limit WAS $850 and I charge 500 and change in the last 2 weeks. I made a payment Sept 4th, 2009 for $585 and they charged an anual fee, and monthly maint. Fee on the same day they received my payment. At the time I made the payment there was no payment due on the account because I pay as soon as I make a purchase so I can keep maintaining my credit score. My question is a two part question, and I really need some advice from a Tribute card holder whose account has been closed recently, because my account is still active. Although the account is active my $850 credit limit has lowered to $110 so I called and asked why and they replied because my payment hasn't processed yet and when it does it would reflect on my credit limit. I know something was not right when my fiance (who has the same card) tried to use it yesterday and it was declined. We called and they said the account had been canceled and after a 20 min dispute on the phone, and having no reasoning for this we finally hung up. I decided to call today and check on my account and discovered the limit decreased by $700 and change. The account was charged $100 for anual fee and $10 for monthly maint. This is all that is owed on the card at this point, and the payment isn't due until next month because I paid so frequently. My 1st question is should I pay this amount when I keep hearing that their going out of business? They certainly have not been maintaing anyones account properly and do not deserve an anual fee when their closing these accounts! And my second question is should I close the account before they receive my payment, which by the way should be coming out of my checking account electronically any day now. I made the mistake and already scheduled the payment on saturday the 5th, not knowing that any of this was going on. Should I cancel the payment, cancel the account before they do. I don't want this negatively effecting my credit, I was always a loyal customer and paid in a timely manner. PLEASE I NEED ADVICE!!!


Comment 31 by neecer
Account Canceled! User Icon on 2009-09-12

Remarks I tried to use my card today at Sears, then again at Wal Mart and it was declined each time. I came home and looked my account up on line and saw that I had $0 credit limit and $0 available balance. I called the 800 number and got some idiot that could barely speak English. He said that all Tribute cards have been canceled. I have had this card for 2 years and have NEVER missed a payment. I am SO mad. What is that going to do to my credit? I have to have a credit card so that we can get a mortgage next year. Any suggestions??????
Comment 32 by tabetha03
Closed Tribute Card User Icon on 2009-09-14

Remarks My card was closed for no reason too, I have had my card for about two years and have always paid on time and all of a sudden I get a letter in the mail stating it was closed. I called but imagine the fact that their systems were down so I have emailed. When I get a response I will post on her to let everyone else no what they said.
Comment 33 by shay907
Not Surprised This Happened...again User Icon on 2009-09-14

Remarks I had Salute, Tribute, and Embrace Visa. Evidently they all are under the same janky bank because all of them are now closed--for mysterious reasons. This whole situation sucks. Earlier this year I got a similar screw off letter from Salute card. I called the number provided and there was a recording that it wasn't anything that we as cardholders did but they were downsizing some of their departments and Salute card was one of them. I'm thinking Tribute was fine because my credit limit had been increased to $1160. I've had this card for about 4 years and have always paid on time, more than my minimum balance. I even paid this card off in full at the same time I paid Salute card off and left it paid for several months.

I was not aware that Embrace Visa was owned by the same people until about 2 months ago their website changed and it looked exactly like Tribute and Salute's. I've had Embrace Visa for about 4 years as well. Today I got 2 identical leters from Tribute and Embrace Visa telling me my credit card program has been discontinued.

For people like myself, who try to be responsible with credit and try to rebuild credit, we are the ones getting screwed. I found out from the Salute card that when they closed my account, it showed on my credit repost as "closed by creditor", so this makes it appear as though I did not pay my account satisfactorily and they decided to close it. I am so annoyed right now it's not funny, and I already knew I was gong to find similar stories online when I did this search. Truly sad. It's the same thing as creditors lowering your credit limit as soon as you make a huge payment down to the amount you paid. Which I've had recently as well.

All of this credit I've spent 4+ years building and trying to raise my credit is gone down the drain! Sigh
Comment 34 by leeglover
$100.00 Annual Charge User Icon on 2009-09-14

Remarks As I am sure everyone who did not get canceled due to an over the limit charge now knows, they have canceled all Tribute MasterCards. I was just charged the $100.00 annual charge, I am on hold right now with customer service to try and get that removed. I was wondering if anyone else had any luck in this arena.
Comment 35 by kwhit
How Can Trun Them IN User Icon on 2009-09-15

Remarks Well I join the club they close my account I got non English speaking person that read off a script. Thier is no way I am I am going pay them off out of my checking account money order folks that way to go here. It funny how after that new law went it to effect all these fly bye night credit card companies are closing accounts right and left
Comment 36 by mjismad
Tribute, Worst Credit Card EVER! User Icon on 2009-09-24

Remarks I actually don't know where to begin! My first dealings with this company, was when I made a mistake of mixing their payment with another credit company. I owed them $77 dollar payment, and the

other company a $72 dollar payment, I pay online, I made the mistake of paying the other one what I owed Tribute, and Tribute I paid, the amount owed the other credit company. Needless to say, Tribute called me, a person, I could not understand. At WORK

I was with a customer, and this guys going on about

my 5 dollar difference. I ended up hanging up on him.

First of all, calling me at work???? That's a big no. I do have an answering machine at home. I called them when I came home, to find out what was wrong.

So they dropped my account. 0 credit Charged me for underpayment. As soon as I figured out what happened, I paid the difference. But they still dropped me, and still charged me. I was floored.

So I just got off the phone with them, and let them know like all my other creditors that because of the time I will be receiving my paycheck, that my payments will be delayed, you would not believe what these guys said. I will still be charged a late fee. None of my other creditors said, that there would be a late fee, they said, they would skip a payment, or put down a promise to pay. (some said a late fee still applied) <
Comment 37 by manda
Re: Mytributecard.com SUCKS!!! User Icon on 2009-11-20

Remarks Our firm is contemplating filing a class action against Tribute for its unfair business practices.

Please contact us to discuss:

Makarem & Associates

11601 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2440

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Ph: (310) 312-0299
Comment 38 by bosco
Re: Mytributecard.com SUCKS!!! User Icon on 2009-12-09

Remarks @MandA

For your suit, you might be interested to know that if a customer made a change to their auto-payment option through the Tribute Mastercard website they received a confirmation message indicating that it would be applied to the following billing cycle, but in reality the change was not applied until the cycle after the following billing cycle.

This means that you think you are making an automatic payment on the next statement, but no payment is processed and they charge you a late fee with interest.

I have screenshots and email exchanges with their customer service department acknowledging this if you are interested.
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