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Written by: andersonm on 2008-06-09

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andersonm's review: Callout Comment I just received my new card in the mail today. Im very happy to have a card with the Discover logo, even though this card is issued by HSBC. I originally applied for a regular Discover card and was denied but they said I was approved for the Direct Rewards, so I thought what the heck. I just called to activate the card and wanted them to remove the $59 annual fee. At first they said there was not anything they could do and then wanted to start in on the account protection, so when he was done with his little script I simply said, "Well how can I afford account protection when I have to pay $59 a year just to have the card"? His attitude completely changed and he asked me to hold while he checked on my annual fee. When he came back he said the AF had been returned to my card and wanted to know if I was interested in account protection. I told him to go ahead and sign me up ( I can cancel within 1st 30 days anyhow) and so then all was good. I told him thanks and ended the call. My credit score was a 598 when I was approved for the card so I was surprised. I filed BK in 2005 due to unforseen circumstances and I can honestly say this is a place I never want to come back to again, (bankruptcy that is), it has been so hard. The future is looking bright though, so I guess I'll just "keep truckin" as they say. I love this website and read from it everyday since I have found it and benefitted from it, so hopefully this benefits someone else.


Comment 1 by kellbell
Keep Truckin' User Icon on 2008-06-09

Remarks Good for you :)
Comment 2 by kellbell
Life After BK... User Icon on 2008-06-09

Remarks Did you file BK on Discover?
Comment 3 by andersonm
Discover User Icon on 2008-06-09

Remarks No, I never had Discover.
Comment 4 by andersonm
Credit Score User Icon on 2008-06-09

Remarks I should have mentioned earlier that the 598 credit score was with Equifax. My Experian was 637 and my TU was 620. Why does Equifax report so darn low?
Comment 5 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-06-09

Remarks Keep us informed about your overall use of the card.
Comment 6 by yoyo11
Congrads User Icon on 2008-06-10

Remarks On your new card
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