"Raped By Dakota State Bank, Twice"

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Written by: **** on 2007-04-14

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****'s review: Callout Comment It was only out of desperation for my unfortunate situation and complete stupidity, I applied. It was not only for this card but for another one too, called Rewards660. At the time, I did not realize they were of the same bank. Of course, I was approved, who wouldn't be, right? I didn't know that I could go to Bank of America and Wells Fargo and get a card for as little as $300 Security deposit, which would be held for a year and then refunded to me. B of A offers a Secured Platinum Plus Visa and so does Wells Fargo. Having these has really done my credit some justice... Instead of applying for some cards where I have to pay enormous fees for. I have manage to get the cards paid off, or so I thought. I swear I paid them off, but yet every month there is a balance. I give up. How the heck do I get out of these cards without damaging my credit by closing accounts and suffer points lost on my credit report? They really get you don't they? Any ideas? I already have a low credit rating and I am trying so hard. Beware of this bank people. They offer many different types of cards for people who are desperate to have a credit card. Go to Wells Fargo. They offer a secured credit card for $300 deposit. Its only 5.9% for the first 6 months and then goes up to 12 and that's it. It will do wonders for your credit if you pay on time every month. And the best part. You get your money back at the end of the 12 months with interest and your secured credit card becomes a regular credit card, and another great thing about it, your interest rate may go down with the release of the secured status. Great thing about having it, no one knows its secured except you and the bank. Go to Wells Fargo and B of A!!!

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