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Chase Freedom® Visa - $50 Bonus Cash Back Review
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Written by: david on 2007-04-10

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david's review: Callout Comment I have been looking for the right card for quite sometime. This Chase card was perfect until I found out they computed interest using the "2-cycle" method. According to a press release out of Wilmington, DE. They pledged to stop "2-cycle". To confirm this I have contacted their customer service. After talking to several people they did verify that as of March 1, 2007 "2-cycle" is no longer the method they use. When I called to apply for a card, that department apparently has not received this information, nor has their website been updated. So I am just going to sit tight and make sure it is in print before I apply.

P. S. The customer service wasn't the greatest. Nothing like trying to communicate with non-English speaking reps. It seems like they read a script, and if you stray away from that... They get very confused. I think I would prefer an automated system, and I hate automated systems!!

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