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Written by: crazy2k5 on 2008-05-28

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crazy2k5's review: Callout Comment My aunt got this card for me in her name back in November and added me as an authorize user. She has the boa American Express and raves about it all the time. Her credit is very good. The initial limit was $4400. I always use this card and pay in full. In March she added me as a joint account holder. They did a hard pull and to my surprise they added me. This month I got the statement and they gave a $500 cli. Their customer service is excellent. I love this card.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks I have to agree with you on this one! I understand everyone will not have the same experience as we have with BofA because you can't please everybody.
Comment 2 by mark
I Agree With You User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks I have this card, but it's the student platinum plus VISA.

I never had any problem with BofA.

and in terms of being accepted by merchants...

my BofA 10 out of 10 will accept it.

compared to my AMEX which is accepted 5 out of 10 only. ( most of the local/ small retail stores/ kiosk etc don't accept it, which is a hassle especially when I'm traveling)
Comment 3 by gmac
Payment History User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks I would be very interested to know from you or anyone else on FG, when you were added as a coapplicant did they "BOA" or the Creditor report your payment history from Account opening "Nov." or from the time you were added as a joint applicant?
Comment 4 by crazy2k5
RE; User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks Hey Gmac. I know for me BOA was reporting to my reports from the time the account was opened. It was reported as me being an authorize user. Now that she has added me as a coapplicant they have removed the authorize user status and now has me as a primary account holder.
Comment 5 by desihunk17
Need Help From This Card Holders. User Icon on 2008-07-06

Remarks I was approved for this card in April 08... And the credit limit was 10k... Does any one know when do they give credit line increase... On this card... And how much... Also any other bad or good experience with this card. Please post... Thank you
Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: Desihunk User Icon on 2008-07-06

Remarks Ask for a CLI from them every 6 months and you have to request the amount of increase you want. Either will approve or deny you.
Comment 7 by kiejon9
About This Card User Icon on 2008-07-11

Remarks Hello Desihunk17 I have this card I got it in Dec of 2007 started with a cl of 2,500 but now I am up to 15,500 just ask for credit CLI every 6mo and this card is good just make your payments on time and BOFA will help you the best they can how long have you had the card.
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