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Written by: maabdou on 2008-05-25

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maabdou's review: This card was the second credit card I got since I moved to the states last year.

Let me start the advantages first,

1- more acceptable than my AMEX card in the states and overseas.
2- they automatically increase your limit without running your credit.
3- you manage your account online.


1- it's not hard to get as some one was saying here. Anyone can get it easily with credit limit varies due credit score.
2- very terrible customer service, helpless.
3- very poor rewards values. Plus when you redeem this rewards with gift cards, they send it to your address without putting your name on it, so if anyone get the letter, he can use it easily.
4- yes they increase your limit every while, but once you loose your card or you have any suspicious activity on your card, they will not help you, u r loosing your money 100%


Comment 1 by arod
I Don't Know What To Say !! on 2008-05-25

I have heard good reviews on Bank of America my wife has this card.

but I cant speak on BOA since I don't have them..

My Wife say there great..

Any way Good luck,

Comment 2 by hjm331
Look At The Bright Side on 2008-05-25

I congratulate you on this card but you have to find yourself lucky because there a lot of people here that can't get approved for this card because of their credit history. You should feel lucky though because those who come here to the states have to build a new credit history because I don't believe that banks here look at the history from your originating country. So you have to start from scratch just like the rest of us.

However, it's a great card and one of the best especially with the way this economy is going. Just relax and enjoy your card. Always carry this around because AMEX (American Express) isn't accepted everywhere but Visa is wherever credit cards are expected.

Also, watch out for AMEX because they are randomly decreasing their customer's limits for no apparent reason so watch out for that. I wouldn't really consider that as top-notch customer service especially when your on a vacation.
Comment 3 by eric
I Disagree With Your Disadvantages on 2008-05-27

I may be partial to this review since Im a customer service mgr for BofA but I have to put my two cents in.

1. Disadvantage-its not that easy to get one of these cards... I do notice the influx on people coming into the US getting cards with high limits... I don't know how but they do. P. S-we don't give cards to illegal aliens if anyone has heard this rumor-they must have a SS# or valid Visa

2. Disadvantage- this is a 1st for terrible customer service... This is one of a handful of banks that are open 24 hrs a day 365 days a year for live customer service. We don't outsource-so your not going to be speaking to someone in India or Pakistan or wherever. Your going to be speaking to AMERICANS.

3. Disadvantage- the rewards are so so... I can give that to him on this one... But tell me a credit card that give fantastic rewards for little spend and you can call me Willie lol... Worldpoint program is very comparable to any other top notch rewards program... And if you have the Americard Visa or Amex or the AMEX accelerated you earn 1.25 pts for each dollar charged.

4. Disadvantage- NEVER heard of this one... If you lose your card and call us as soon as you find out it was lost or stolen... We enter in a lost stolen on the account and we shut it down... The suspicious activity on the account is probably our biggest problem... But the problem is we shut cards down too much if we feel there is fraudlent activity when its the actual customer that is using the card... We get oddles of calls from cardholders that tell us that we shut there card down for suspicious use... When they were actually trying to make a purchase... Most customers appreciate the service and some don't. Our fraud department watches accounts daily to keep your card info safe. ALSO you are a 100% not responsible for fraudulent purchases... If all the necessary steps are taken.

that's all I have to say about this... Maabdou if you have any questions or concerns about your BofA card then shoot me a message.

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