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Written by: dee on 2007-03-30

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dee's review: Callout Comment It saddens me that people blame this companies for being misinformed, because all info is given to us from day 1. All fees are stated clearly, and methods of payment are shown with time frames. A lot of my past bad credit was my fault, I can admit that but some of the other reviewers need to do this as well. I use my card responsibly and with the low limit I pay it off each month and some times twice if I take it to the limit again. I hope people who need credit give this card a chance, because where can u get a credit card with cash advance capabilities with out interest compounding daily, and the same rate as a purchase?
People read and this isn't your only option so don't blame them when u screw up... An informed consumer can't be scammed!!! The only issue I have with them is customer service. The reps that I have spoken with lately have been excellent, however prior, the accents were so thick that mis-communication was inevitable. I'm not sure what happened after the new year, but thumbs up!

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Comment 1 by meeshelle
So Far... Alright User Icon on 2008-04-06

Remarks At first, I regretted not looking further and doing more research, before activating my card. But like you had stated for yourself, I have bad credit because of my irresponsibility in the past. I tried applying for other cards, with a higher reputation, that are offered for people with bad credit, such as Capital One and even First Premier, but was denied. I think it may have to do with the fact that they were the creditors that I had screwed up with a couple years ago, to begin with.

Anyhow, I understand that I had made very poor choices in the past and now I have to pay for them, in order to rebuild my credit. And it is true that all the fees are given up front. When I called to activate my card, the recording clearly states the monthly fee, the different charges that are applied for the different forms of payment.

True... It's not the best card. But it's a card designed for those with poor credit and they're taking a high risk by approving such customers. Well, a few months have passed and no major problems, so far.
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