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Written by: nikhig on 2008-05-22

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nikhig's review: Callout Comment I have a Red Card with a $200 cl and I went in to the store today and said that I wanted a upgrade and the gave one a Target Visa with a $2000 cl and get this I have only had the Target Red Card for 3 months so that was a pretty good upgrade.

So anyone with a red card try this it may work for you too!!


Comment 1 by rockin35
Good News... User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Congratulations, your gonna like the card... Rockin35
Comment 2 by rivasglo
Awesome!! User Icon on 2008-05-23

Remarks I have the Target Card w/ a limit of $500 and I've had it for a year since April 2007. I went to the store and as I was checking out I asked the checkout girl if they give CLI and she looked lost so I was like NEVERMIND ILL ASK SOMEONE ELSE.

If you don't mind me asking, what were your scores at the time you applied for the Target Card and at the time of the upgrade... And if u pd in full or carried a balance...

This would really help me as I want that darn upgrade!!!

Thanks in advance!
Comment 3 by nikhig
Ok User Icon on 2008-05-23

Remarks Well at the time I got my Target Card my scores were


and I had payed my card off and I went in to the store and made $100 Pur. And then I said what about an upgrade to a Visa how do I that ? She said " I can do that right here so I answered some ?'s and they gave it to me!

My scores were

tu 700

ex 645

ep 645
Comment 4 by rivasglo
Thanks! User Icon on 2008-05-23

Remarks AS soon as I pay it off and make a big purchase... Will do! ;)
Comment 5 by eric
Upgrade User Icon on 2008-05-24

Remarks Yesterday I was in target buying a new Wii game for my daughter... I was at the register paying for it with my BofA NFL Visa... And the guy at the counter ask me if I wanted to upgrade to a Visa and save 10%... I asked if I was pre-approved... He said no but it was asking him if I wanted upgraded... Said it would be pretty quick with just a few questions... I said NO, Im in the credit addicts club and I didn't want another inquiry... Its been 5 weeks since I applied for credit... I have had my Target card since 6/2007 with a $500 CL. I may take them up on their Visa upgrade next year though.
Comment 6 by lindalu
How Do You Get The Preapproval? User Icon on 2008-05-24

Remarks I see sometimes when you use a credit card other than theirs at target people are getting this preapproval on receipt... I did once and when I looked at my receipt when I got home I went online and was denied... I may try using my capitol one card with my $1500 limit and see if their system doesn't anything different with specific cards you use at their store... I sometimes think they do... What do you guys think? I like what I hear about people getting upgraded to their Visa when such large cli!!
Comment 7 by eric
Target User Icon on 2008-06-04

Remarks Target is so wishy washy about the CLI's and accounts... Like I said when I went there a few weeks ago and they tried to offer me a Target Visa upgrade... Not preapproved or anything... I passed. I figured I'd wait until next year then ask for the upgrade.

Comment 8 by kog33
CLI User Icon on 2008-06-10

Remarks Called and finally received an increase of $500. Received the card in Dec 07. Used it for 3 big purchases pay it off in full all 3 times.
Comment 9 by crazysue
Unsure User Icon on 2008-07-31

Remarks Well I went to Target yesterday to make my payment and I asked the lady to speak with a manager and she said she was the manager and I asked how I would go about getting un upgrade to the Target Visa and she said "We don't do that you would have to call CS and she's not even suree if that's something they do"

I don't know I started with the 200 CL (as well as my husband) and then 2 months later I got a cli to 500 (nothing still to this day for my hubby) and that's where I have stayed with them so far!?!?
Comment 10 by pamela2
Hi User Icon on 2008-08-18

Remarks KOG33 may I ask if you talked to a person about the credit increase or did you hit a button on the phone? The reason I asked is that I called and a automatic voice said they don't give automatic credit increases anymore that they review your account periodically and decide from there. So please any information would help. thanks Pamela
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