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Written by: kog33 on 2008-05-22

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kog33's review: Callout Comment Applied on May 15th... Congrats you have been approved for $2500... Received card May 22nd... Activated it, tried to use it DECLINED. Called customer service and told it was a mistake a system error, we did not mean to issue you this card... OK all done with this bank. First and last card with them.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Oh Wow User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Are you serious? This is by car the craziest store I have heard as far approvals go. I'd say that you call again and ask for a manager and speak to him/her about this. If they still don't want to approve you for a card, tell them to remove the hard inquiry off of your report. If they still disagree, tell them that you'll never apply for one of their cards again!
Comment 2 by kog33
I Did! User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks I called back (funny thing is I called 5 times and still got the same customer service rep), well I was transferred to a supervisor who went on to explained there is nothing they can do about system failures and they sometimes do happen, the only thing he could advise is to apply again. So I ask is that going to result in another hard pull. YES! And there is no guarantee you will be approved... I said please remove your inquiry and the account you have reporting on my credit report. He said I have to write a letter to the executive office... That's done and mailed.
Comment 3 by hjm331
Wow User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Whatever they just did to you is very unprofessional. They robbed you and didn't try to make it up. I guess they have all the customers they need over there.
Comment 4 by crazy2k5
No Surprise User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks This is no surprise to me. I have the juniper Visa issued through this bank. They take their sweet time posting your payments. The reps don't know what they are doing and cant answer many of your questions. The reps are infromal and not polite at all. I got this card back in November through the apple website when I purchased my ipod. I paid it off in January and only used it once since.
Comment 5 by rockin35
Take It Up With Corporate User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks There is no explanation for just "Sorry Lazy Customer Service" and when the error occurred on THEIR system and whatever application system they use, we (consumers) are not to be blamed. They opened an account and have now placed that account on your credit file as an Active account, so what that it was less than 14 days. Make sure that your credit report reflects "Paid As Agreed" that nothing is reported derogatory!! These people make me sick...

When I used to run credit applications in Sunview, and anytime a "duplicate" application was ran by clicking twice on submit. We automatically had a template set up to input that customers name/address/ssn/date of application/ REASON:Company Error attached to explain to all 3 Credit Bureaus WHY we made a mistake. Within 17 days most of these customers that had double hits on their credit reports, now only reflected one!

Companies can expedite removal of inquiries and accounts within 30 days. Its not that difficult.

Try State Farm Visa, fairly low APR, and you build up insurance dollars to transfer to any premiums you pay.!! Good Luck

Comment 6 by meya
What!!!! User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks They are wrong like two left shoes. How can they do this to you (us). This is so not cool, I think they should at least use the cr that they just pulled to see if they can approve/deny you for the second go around. I am with you, get your inq removed and do not deal with them again. Who do they think we are? A bunch of accept it or reject it idiots? Keep us informed about the inq removal.
Comment 7 by kellbell
Not Fair User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Not fair at all. They should at least give you a $300.00 limit consolation.
Comment 8 by rockin35
I Agree With Meya User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Keep us posted on your outcome, I'll be checking the website for similar situations. This appears to be ethically wrong for corporations to not provide consumers with a valid response or some form of accomodation at something that was clearly a systematic error.

Have a Good Day!! Rockin35!
Comment 9 by debtor00
I've Heard That At Juniper Before User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks I was on a different credit site (of course this one is my favorite though) and some other posters were talking about similar juniper giveth and juniper taketh away situations. Some limits as high as 25,000 dollars!!! They had review titles like Juniper is tripping, and the theme seemed to be Let's see if Juniper lets you keep your limit. Juniper really needs to get their act together!!!
Comment 10 by eldarwen
That Is Really Crappy User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks That is really crappy that they did that. You should write to a higher up about what happened.
Comment 11 by ttiger50
Thanks For The Heads Up User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks I applied for this card and I am awaiting approval. If I am approved (I have another Juniper card that I don't use) I am going o put this one in my sock drawer and only use it for emerfencies. This is when these reviews really help to prevent new customers from receiving the same sorry treatment... Thanks and sorry you had to go through the BS..
Comment 12 by ash
Yelp User Icon on 2008-05-23

Remarks You know what, I saw a message posted a few days ago on the boards. This guy app'd for the US airways. Got approved and went to the store and when he tried to use his card it was declined. He called customer service and they were like sorry we really didn't mean to give you a card.

Junny for the most card has pretty good interest rates and so forth but what scares everybody is the not knowing if they are going to CLD you. These kind of stories that are floating around is really scary...

Sorry that happened to you :(
Comment 13 by tynece
Changed My Mind User Icon on 2008-05-27

Remarks I was going to apply for this card but now I changed my mind. What in the world kind of card can send yopu the card then decline your charges. There should be some kind of consumer law against that. I am so sorry that happened to you. But I am glad that you shared becasue now I will not dare deal with that company
Comment 14 by kmoney
What In The Blazes!!!!! User Icon on 2008-05-31

Remarks You know what would change their nonsense, a good old fashion class action lawsuit!
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