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Written by: irishpm on 2008-05-18

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irishpm's review: FICO scores: EX 690; TU 638; EQ 634

Disappointed in the initial CL but they sent a letter informing me if I pay on time for the next 3 months they will increase CL to a whopping $500.

Never had a late pay, no bankruptcy, no tax liens, no charge offs, no repo's, no garnishments.

Paid off car loan (over 2 years ago), paid off 3 HSBC CC's and closed the accounts after pay off (bad move I'm told), paid AMEX Green Card and closed the account after pay off...

Credit history goes back to 1980 (28 years)... I only carry one other card... Citi AAdvantage AMEX with CL of $6,000. Reading in FICO forums that one of the the best ways to increase a credit score is to increase CL.

Any suggestions?


Comment 1 by hjm331
Stay With Them on 2008-05-18

Capital One is a really good company to work with. I have two cards with them. The second card that I applied for in November 2007 approved me for a $500 CL. I got the same letter as you did, I made 3 payments on time and didn't see a CLI after the 3rd statement cut. I called their "backdoor" number and they raised my CL to $1k. A couple days later after the CLI, I checked my account online and saw that they gave me another CLI which raised my CL to $1,500. I've been pretty happy with the card, no problems here. Just stick with them and they'll take care of ya.

If you're what the heck the backdoor number is, it's a number where you get transferred to customer service reps where they have more authority on your account than the number you call on the back of your card. Usually, a backdoor number is used by people to ask for CLI's but I used it all the time for all of my work that I need to get done with their cards.

Here's the backdoor number:


Call them after your 3rd statement cuts and see if they can give you a CLI.

Good Luck
Comment 2 by rockin35
Other Large Credit Lines? on 2008-05-18

Your initial $300 credit line may appear small, based on your payment history, length of history, and FICO scores, however, if you have other large credit lines recently opened such as an Auto Loan, or Mortgage, this could explain why your limit was set so low.

Your scores are very good and it appears that your never late, but that's just one other thing that they may look at when reviewing your report for a credit offer.

Capital One is a good creditor, but I've had them before and there limits are relatively low. I would try Bank of America with your credit history.

Good Luck. Rockin35
Comment 3 by meya
HEllO on 2008-05-18

Seems to me that you are doing the right thing. But remember, that is the way cap 1 works. But if you feel that you deserve more call customer service and to speak to a manager in the finance dept.

I am also going to forward you posting over to another link so that you may get some additional feedback.

Here is the link:

Comment 4 by irishpm
Thanks For The Comments All... on 2008-05-19

To Rockin... Do not have any other open lines of credit and have not applied for any credit cards or auto loans (last auto loan was in September 2001) with the exception of this Cap One CC that I was approved for so I've been very stingy with applying or using credit. No mortgage either.

I'm going to apply for a Chase Freedom Rewards CC in July and see what happens.
Comment 5 by arod
CAPITAL ONE on 2008-05-19

Capital One is one of the great banks out there this banks works with you..

Even if I get better cards this card I will never close this bank has been good to me my credit line with them is $1800 and I haven't called cause I'm due a credit line increase I will call soon..


Comment 6 by em072205
They Declined Me on 2008-05-20

They pulled all three bureaus and my equifax is the worst... So I got declined for too many past due accounts and a collection. The collection and past due account should never be there, it was a fraud account and i"m trying to get it removed.
Comment 7 by eric
Great Card on 2008-05-22

I love my Cap 1 cashback Visa... Great card great company.
Comment 8 by brizzz
Backdoor It on 2008-09-10

Just called backdoor number. Doubled my cl. Whooa
Comment 9 by rebuildme
Back Door Number Changed? on 2008-10-06

Oh my God, did Capital One change the number for their back door number. I called today to request a credit line increase and my call was answered by the automated machine in which I was told my account balance. Tell me this is not so.
Comment 10 by hjm331
RE: Rebuildme on 2008-10-06

Did you try to get past the automated system by pressing 0?
Comment 11 by meya
Nope on 2008-10-06

My neighbor just called in last week and got one. Is this the number you dialed:

Capital One- 800-889-9939

Here is the link to all backdoor numbers

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