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Written by: bonnie on 2007-03-16

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bonnie's review: Callout Comment Like everyone else, I unknowingly accepted an Aspire Visa offer while I was in college. It came with a $2000 credit limit. I used the card for half of that amount. Suddenly, my interest rate soared from 18% to 28%. This was about three years into my card. I had missed no payments, I was not over the limit. I could find no reason why this happened. I called customer service to complain, and was told that I had an introductory rate--for three years??? I was also told that if I paid on time, they would lower my rate. One year later, I was over the limit because of interest and hidden fees. I called to complain this time and was told that if I paid the amount I was over the limit, they would refund my fees. Lies. They just raised my limit to $3000 so I was no longer being charged $70 every month. Four years later, I owe $2800 on this card. I have not used the card in 5 years. I have faithfully paid not just the minimum balance but at least 20-30 dollars more every month. I have never gotten a decrease in interest (in fact--to the contrary my interest is now over 30%--due to, in their words, my shaky payment history--however, when I pulled my credit report, they have reported no late payments to the credit bureau). I feel that I will never get out from under this debt. I have paid on average $150/month for a total of around 8-9 thousand dollars--ON 1000 in charges!! Yet, my total balance has only reduced around 500. Every month, only 10-15 dollars goes to the balance. The rest is eaten in finance charges, usage charges, interest, etc. This card is unconscionable.

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