"Is Aspen Master Card A Scam?"

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Written by: anonymous on 2007-03-15

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anonymous's review: Callout Comment I am really disappointed with "Aspen". In my past experiences, as long as the cardholder is making the required minimum payments, the company was happy.
NOT with "Aspen". Usually new cardholders are given a $300 limit and $200 of that is used to cover fees they charge. So there is only about $100 left on it for the cardholder. My balance went a little bit over the $300 and despite the fact I was doubling my payments and paying on time. I received a letter in the mail stating they had closed my account. So in my opinion its a RIPOFF, it was a way for them to give me
a $100 but they made an extra $300 off of me. They made a $300 profit! I was using them to try to repair my credit... But now look. I don't rec commend ASPEN!

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Comment 1 by asteeda88
Aspen Credit Card Is A SCAM!! User Icon on 2008-07-21

Remarks I have had nothing but trouble with them! First I couldn't find out where to make a payment... Then they sold my account to another company. They said to pay at the aspen website... Now I payed off the card thru Aspen's web site and the other company says they got some of the money but not all! I have been trying for a month now to talk to someone at Aspen to find out where my money went too, but all I'm getting is the run-around with "I can't help you in this dept. Here is a phone number to call" I now have 7 phone numbers that can't help me! I don't know what to do!?!? Can anyone help me with some advise?? I'm at my wits end and I know this is KILLING my credit rating! I DO NOT recommend Aspen to anyone! You start out owing 300 dollars before you even get the card in the mail! If you want to start credit or re-establish credit... Go the VERY safe route and talk to your local bank... Trust me you don't want this hell! Thanks for any words of advise... Dave in Knoxville,TN... The state of confusion!
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