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Written by: william59 on 2008-05-13

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william59's review: Callout Comment I was approved for 1k when I applied for checking acct along with this credit card back to Oct, 2006. I did not charge much on this card until it was converted to World points Visa.


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: William User Icon on 2008-05-13

Remarks That's great man! Welcome to the great world of BofA. You will like it here and BofA is probably the last company that remains not being outsourced. Good luck!
Comment 2 by gmac
Whats Your Credit Limit Now User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks Hey you've had this card around three years, just wondering what your Credit Limit is now, how is BOA on CLI's
Comment 3 by william59
Re: User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks I've converted it to Bank Americard with 5k credit limit, usually 6 months auto increase. You can ask for CLI every 6 or 9 months.
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: Gmac User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks BofA doesn't like giving CLI's on that card especially when I ask for one. I've had this card for about a year and I've only received a $250 CLI ($750 to $1000). But I've had my BofA AMEX for 2 weeks and I already have a CL $1,500 They initially approved me for $1k and I asked for a $500 CLI before receiving the card and they approved me for it.

BofA likes to take care of their long time customers so if you build a long-time relationship with them, you will be receiving competitive CL's. I have seen people with up to $50k CL's on their BofA cards.
Comment 5 by eric
HJM User Icon on 2008-05-15

Remarks Your right... Its nothing for me to see a card opened up maybe 3 or 4 years ago with a $17k limit... We do try to take care of our bofa family.
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