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Written by: sethatco on 2008-05-13

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sethatco's review: Callout Comment I got a call today from BOA in regards to my Amex & Alumni platinum plus card, they noticed I did not have a MasterCard with them. The credit department asked me if would be interested in the Platinum Plus MasterCard with world points. I said well if it requires a hard pull on my credit then NO, but if you can approve it based on my current relationship and recent soft pull of my credit then go ahead. I was placed on hold 2 minutes later I was approved with a 15k limit 0% on balance transfers for 12 months and 9.9%. Given all the bad press boa has gotten as of late I was floored because although I have never had problems with BOA, they have never gone out of their way to do me any favors. I suspect when they pulled my last credit report my scores all went up 25 plus points not to mention I have multiple products from the same banks, i. E. Citi Amex,Visa & MC same with Chase Visa & MasterCard.

My friend at BOA did tell me they are hurting and reaching out to long standing customers with a good track record with them to enhance current and offer new products

As of a 2 days ago CB Scores were

EQ 755

EX 770

TU 725


Comment 1 by rockin35
I Can Attest!!! User Icon on 2008-05-13

Remarks I agree with your friend, I can attest to the fact that BofAm are looking to enhance their database and relationship to customers. I've had the Platinum Plus MC since 2000, they upgraded me with a letter in the mail last month to upgrade to the MC World Points Card... Rockin35
Comment 2 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-05-13

Remarks Get out of here Sethaco! They rolled the red carpet out for you...:)
Comment 3 by sethatco
Meya User Icon on 2008-05-13

Remarks Thanks Meya, yes I was knocked off my feet. Never had a bank really go out there way to do anything for me with out asking.
Comment 4 by hjm331
That's What I'm Talking About! User Icon on 2008-05-13

Remarks This is why BofA is better than Citi. No offense ARod.
Comment 5 by arod
Hjm331 - User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks No offense taken I like BOA my wife has BOA its just I have had better experience With Citi who know if in the future BOA tops Citibanks with better offers for me but its great that we can all put our comments to help others I like to read Comments and Experience with all creditors.

Lets face it and I speak for myself we are all credit card fans to the full and are happy that credit gives us what we want as long as we don't put our self in debt its ok.

Take care,

Comment 6 by arod
Hjm331 User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks There is a card that I will apply from BOA but I will wait till my FICO swings back into a 715 so that I can get a good credit line from BOA I would like from BOA the Black signature Visa... But I have to wait for a little while.

Take care,

Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: ARod User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks Yeah man, it doesn't matter the who the creditor is. Just like you love Citi, I'm the same way with BofA. My whole family has been with BofA with no problems. My dad has had a checking with them for 25 years and they treat him with so much respect. He can go in there right now and get a loan for how much he wants even though his credit isn't all that great, but his relationship with BofA is perfect.

You're right, it's great that we can all help each other from our own experiences and everyone will get to the top of their game sooner or later. As long as it's a "top dog" card, it's all good.
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