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Written by: william59 on 2008-05-12

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william59's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card about a month ago and get approved for $1.5k (it's okay to me because I have 4 rewards cards so far). The reason I applied for this card is because I want a no-foreign-fee card when I travel to China. And the deferred message also make me realized there might be something 's wrong with my credit report. So I've ordered a Transunion CR and saw that I was mistakenly reported by BOA as Authorized user of my relative's account that has 30 late payment and high balance on the report. Thanks Discover for "indirect" reminder.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks Congrats! At least you got your foot into the door with Discover. I will be applying for a Discover card if I ever decide to travel out of the U. S.
Comment 2 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks Discover is a great card apart from there offers it one worth having I have discover with $1000

but at least it helps my credit report overall great card.

congrats again.

Comment 3 by debtor00
Take A Back Up User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks Discover's no fee foreign transaction is great but do remember to take a back up since it is not as widely accepted overseas. I've heard horror stories of people only taking their discover over seas.
Comment 4 by lindalu
Authorized User Question ? User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks When you were an authorized user did you give them your ss# to be authorized that they would have had that? my daughter has a card with her name on it with one of my accounts but I never gave them her social...
Comment 5 by william59
RE: LindaLu User Icon on 2008-07-05

Remarks I've never given my SS# to BOA, and my cousin didn't know my SS#. Bank of America just mistakenly put me as his authorized user (we have the same billing address, her girlfriend (what he added) has the same initial as my name.
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