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Written by: william59 on 2008-05-12

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william59's review: I'd applied for this card on Oct, 2007 and get instant approval for $2000. HSBC gave me 2% for cashback, 1% for foreign transaction fee and 6 months 0% apr. The only thing I don't like is they are stingy on credit line, that's why I keep my BOA card.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Orchard? 2%?! No Way! on 2008-05-12

I can't believe what I'm saying! Orchard Bank has a card with 2% cash back?! So that's where all the money goes from giving us all those CLI's we deserve. If they live up to their promise that they really do give you 2% cash back on every purchase, then it's a very good card.
Comment 2 by william59
Go To Orchard Bank Site! on 2008-05-12

You can simply go to www.Orchardbank.com and see if you are approved for no annual fee 2% cashback Visa.
Comment 3 by hjm331
RE: William on 2008-05-12

Thanks for the info man but I already use my BofA AMEX for all of my purchases. I get a point for every dollar spent, not a bad deal.
Comment 4 by arod
Im Surprise Too on 2008-05-12

I have orchard bank if I can switch later to this card good if not...

Good Bye... But let me not spoil your happiness

yes they are cheap with credit lines... I say as long as you don't pay a annual fee your ahead..

Take care,

Comment 5 by nrodluvsu2
Its Not What You Think! on 2009-08-31

I am a student with new credit and was forced to begin my credit through HSBC's Orchard Bank but I am really upset and concerned with the quality of internet security HSBC Orchard Bank Premium card provides. I recently had an unknown person try to pay my card through the internet with a card number completely foreign to me. When this payment bounced Orchard Bank had also charged a payment returned fee as well. When I first spoke to an agent in India which was very uncooperative and sarcastic she told me that This card company did not provide any insurances for cardholders in terms of internet fraud and in these internet circumstances could not refund or withdraw penalty fees although she saw and agreed that this payment was not my own. I also questioned how one would be able to post a payment to my account without going through a bank verification like usual. She understood how this didn't make sense but still told me there was nothing the company could provide for me. So my suggestion is find another card which will provide security on the increasingly popular internet banking front. If my credit card company is pushing my to go "paperless" and use the internet I feel like they should provide me security in this medium as well? I feel like this is abusive and of much concern to us common people, as I feel like this is a scheme to make money on penalty fees. Please look out and ask questions folks, for your money's sake!

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