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Written by: ns1987 on 2008-05-09

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ns1987's review: Callout Comment I recently opened my account on March 16, 2008. I pulled my credit report and didn't have a score. I was approved for a $300 Credit Line with the Credit Steps program etc. I pulled my credit report today after 2 statements and have not seen anything on my Credit Report as far as an open account or the history of this account so far. Nothing other than the inquery. Any idea when this will show up on my report since this is the first and only thing on my report? Any idea of what my credit score might be after 2 on time payments in full with balances of $120 and $80? I have 4 inqueries on TU, 6 inqueries on Equifax, and 9 inqueries on Experian. Any help will be good. Thanks!


Comment 1 by hjm331
Which Credit Bureau? User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Which credit bureau did you pull your report from? If it was from Equifax, it takes a while for them to update your report. Experian is the bureau with the fatest updates that's why a lot of credit card lenders like pulling from Experian.
Comment 2 by ns1987
All 3 Credit Reports User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks I pulled all 3.
Comment 3 by meya
Cb Report User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Give it till the end of this month, and remember that the card is new and all creditors do not report at the same time. No matter how small or little you pay, the main thing that matters is on time payments and utilization.
Comment 4 by aclove404
6mos User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks If this is your first credit acct it will take about 6mos for a score to appear you will probably land about 630 after the 6mos keep this card for a yr before u get anything else I am a loan officer so I see credit reports all day long
Comment 5 by kellbell
Advice To You User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Don't mess us with this card or any other! Pay it off at the end of every month! Only use 30% of your entire credit line! Never be late!

Don't worry about when it will show up on your credit report! Just pay it on time every time!

If I could take your face in my hands, rookie, I would!

Comment 6 by hjm331
Wait It Out User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Like others said, make your payments on time and just wait until the info shows up on your account. It is a new account so it might take some time but it's all downhill after that. They will start reporting monthly and that's when your score will increase. The older your credit card grows and the more on time payments you make, the higher your score will be.
Comment 7 by hjm331
One More Thing User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Don't max out your credit card, it will hurt your score and don't go over your credit limit. Good Luck
Comment 8 by ns1987
Thanks User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Thanks everyone for all the help and advice. I will just wait. My main goal is to get Amex. I figure I'll start with the green or gold rewards then blue cash or clear. Any idea on how long I should wait before I apply again? I applied a few months (maybe 3) ago before this card not knowing what I was doing and was denied :(
Comment 9 by hjm331
RE: NS1987 User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Apply for the AMEX Delta Skymiles Gold card after you have a sold 1 year old payment history on your report. It gets you in the door with AMEX.
Comment 10 by ns1987
Found Out.... User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks I checked my Credit Report again today and found out it is finally there for 2 of the 3. Experian was a 712 and Trans Union was a 726 so I guess I am just waiting for Equifax. Ill probably give it until September or so to apply for anything else.
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