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Written by: debtor00 on 2008-05-08

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debtor00's review: Callout Comment Got the 3 month credit steps letter around February saying my limit should increase from 500 to 750. But... The next week I got a backdoor increase 2 1000. Now. Its time 4 my credit steps 2 kick in... Will I get 1500 now or get reduced 2 750? Will it change at all?


Comment 1 by wildrage2
Step User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks I think you can be pretty confident that it won't be reduced. You may or may not get another increase though. Technically, you probably shouldn't, but their system may overlook it and give it to you anyway... Depends on how it's set up.
Comment 2 by lindalu
Backdoor Increase? User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks How did you get that? I just sent an email yesterday to ask when I was going to get an increase and they said I could request one and not guaranteed to be approved and guess what? got email this morning that it was not approved... I think I am taking the wrong approach to getting increases
Comment 3 by wildrage2
Back Door Number User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks You are. If you talk to regular CS or e-mail them you will almost certainly be denied. From what I see, there's probably almost a 75% success rate if you call the backdoor number. I just got my credit steps increase in April, so I'm going to wait a few more months before I try it out.
Comment 4 by debtor00
Lindalu User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Lindalu, the number to get some real action with cap 1 is 18775139959. I called that number with two cards one card got a five hundred dollar increase the other got a whopping 4 thousand dollar increase. I had just been denied any sort of increase about a week before. My boyfriend and brother both got their limits doubled.
Comment 5 by rivasglo
CLI User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Theres a possibility that you will still get that $250 increase to $1250... Im sure that it wont b reduced to $750. I think I read somewhere on the board that someone called to get an increase and the following month their credit steps CLI kicked in so idk.

Keep us posted on what happens! Thanks!
Comment 6 by defserv
:) User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks I did exactly what the OP did and received that second increase. So I would say chances are good :)
Comment 7 by lindalu
Thanks Debtor00! User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks But how long did you have your card before you asked for an increase through that back door number and what was your utilization on the card at the time it was approved? what is backdoor anyway? is it like a retention dept? I'm scared to call!!! Lol
Comment 8 by lindalu
Denied Me An Increase User Icon on 2008-05-10

Remarks I just got the courage up to call for an increase and I was denied... No reason... Just denied... I called the 877-513-9959... Is there another I could try..?
Comment 9 by meya
Sorry User Icon on 2008-05-10

Remarks But they denied you becasue you just received a cli in Feb. The back door numbers do not guarantee a cli, there a guidliness and stipulations that are in effect regardless to if it is backdoor or frontdoor calling. Just give it a few more months and try again.
Comment 10 by tynece
It Really Does Work OH MY GOD User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks When I first opened the account my limit was 1000.00 I opened it in Febuary. They increased me to 1500.00 just now when I called the number. At first he kept saying my account was too new then he said oh I was looking through some files and found I can increase you by 500.00 That was easier than dealing with customer service. They just read some pre printed script and tell you to wait for the account to be open for 6 months.
Comment 11 by lindalu
Hwat Number Did You Tynece? User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks I got my account in sept 07 and even though I got an increase in Feb through credit steps that was Feb also... What number did you call? who did you talk to?
Comment 12 by tynece
What Number I Called? User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks I called the same one as you did. I think it may be who you speak to. I got a man that sounded like his speech was a little slurred older gentleman. He was amazing becasue at first he said it was too new. I started asking a ton of question then he said oh while I was talking to you I found another file for you. Then all of a sudden he increase me. I was added on my dad's as an auth user before and I also have a business account with them. Also I am not very close to my limit and I make at least 2 payments per month. What is your current balance and limit Lindalu?
Comment 13 by lindalu
$1500 Limit User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks I make large payments... I used it for a hotel stay in new york but I paid off... Do you think having a higher balance made a difference...? I just paid off the hotel stay the day before but I wonder if he denied me because I use the card too much... The guy I talked to was named Mike... I wouldn't say he sounded old though... He was really friendly though... I may try tocall again and see if I get someone different... I work in a call center and I believe me I know that different reps do different things and sometimes they can do things they just don't do...
Comment 14 by tynece
LindaLu User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks I think you are right!!! Becasue I had an awesome rep today at Macy's that waived a whole month of finance charges for me while antoher only did half. I would suggest making sure you have only 30% utlization at the time you ask becasue sometimes being too close alerts them to think you may be in a financial crunch. Also ask questions and get them thinking be really friendly and sound dissapointed that's what I did and he pop found something to cheer me up!
Comment 15 by hjm331
Macy's User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks Macy's is really good with CLI's. I think it's time for me to ask for a CLI right now lol
Comment 16 by lindalu
Tynece...your Hilarious!! User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks I wonder if they note accounts that someone just asked for an increase?? (of course they do ha?) I will try again... I will wait a week and then call... I'll have to practice my pouting... Lol... Hopefully I will get a man and he will melt... Lol also giving them the impression that you are thinking of transferring balance to another card and possibly closing the account might work too...
Comment 17 by tynece
HAAAHAAA User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks You know what now that you mentioned it the guys do get a little softer for us. Put on your sexy voice and GET EM GIRL!!! Just keeping hanging up till you hear a guys voice hahaaaa!!
Comment 18 by lindalu
Lol Tynece!! User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks Show me the money!!! they say diamonds are a girl's best friend but little do they know so are cli s... Lol!!!
Comment 19 by doneros
Backdoor Miracle User Icon on 2008-06-09

Remarks Oh, got the number from No Hassle - but I have a standard Platinum. Just saw the number last night 1-877-513-9959

and called today, June 9, 08. Spoke with Ann. I all sub-prime cards except for this; scores as of 6/7/08 are Eq. 608 - Exp, 599; TransU 644.

Told her I just got the 3 step increase as of statement dated 5/27/08. She said she showed they had already reduced my rate from 12.4 down to 10.4 and that she had $500 she could offer me in CLI w/o credit pulls.

Thanks to all here.

I never would have called if not for the info from everyone.

The rest of cards are First Premier, CorTrust, Orchard - who imposed a Universal Default 3 mos after opening.

Thanks again for all the input. I went $300 > $500 on 3 step and then $500 just today. Was great feeling.
Comment 20 by tynece
Denoros User Icon on 2008-06-14

Remarks Congrads!!! keep up the good work!. Try to keep all of those lower limits with a 0 balance if possible so you can boost your score. Good Luck
Comment 21 by doneros
Cap One Backdoor Number User Icon on 2008-10-07

Remarks I first used the backdoor number 1-877-513-9959 on June 9th 2008. I had just finished the 3 step program successfully. But when I called they took the $500 which had just been upped from $300 and made it a $1,000. Additionally they reduced my APR to 10.4%.

Today 10/7/08 I called on my second Cap One account and I have not yet finished the 3 step. It completes next billing cycle. The raised the starting $300 to $600. I already had a 8.65% APR so no problem there.

I don't know what effect this will have on the completion of the 3 step but based on reports from others on this forum I would expect they would move the CLI to $1,000.

If you pay them on time - never cross the limit... They are the greatest asset to anyone rebuilding.

I use Citi Credit Monitoring and my scores not sure if they are FICO or FAKO... But they are EQ 639, EXP, 620, TU, 668... They all still show FAIR...

Comment 22 by meya
Congrats User Icon on 2008-10-07

Remarks All credit monitoring services rate scores differently. It is probably fair on that one and good on another. 668 is good, so don't let that bother you. Just focus on making it to the 700 club and I bet you will feel much better.
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