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Written by: kellbell on 2008-05-08

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kellbell's review: Callout Comment My friend saw that I had an Old Navy card and she decided to apply for the GAP card. Well, she was denied... Too many inquiries, collection, etc.

Anyway, I was thinking since I have had luck with the negotiating/letter writing deal, she might be able to write a letter to GEMB GAPcard and still get approved?

Her FAKO is 575, but I'm guessing her FICO is much less...

She does indeed have credit cards; macys, Kohls, and Target... All in good standing.

Any advice?


Comment 1 by kellbell
Andd... User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Who should her correspondence go to? And why couldn't she just get her own Financeglobe account?
Comment 2 by wildrage2
Depends User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks She could have a 740 FICO but a bad record with GEMB and never be able to get the card. I was able to get almost all the Citi store cards, but have an old $500 PayPal charge-off from GEMB 4 years ago and have never been able to get any of their cards. After the 2nd try I just won't bother any more. More comes into play then just FICO.
Comment 3 by kellbell
Weird User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks I have a bad record with GEMB as well... Old American Eagle account charged off. Anyway, I have JCP, Dillards, Walmart, and OldNavy cards with GEMB! I am so glad they have given me a second chance.

Also, I'm sure she may have a bad relationship with GEMB somewhere along the line, but who can she write to about her declination?

I want to give her good advice. She doesn't have access to financeglobe at the moment, but she is indeed in front of a computer to write a letter!
Comment 4 by wildrage2
Address User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks GE Money Credit Cards/GEMB

ATTN: Gap Credit

P. O. Box 981284

El Paso, TX 79998
Comment 5 by wildrage2
Forgot To Say.... User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Writing a letter to them for reconsideration may result in another hard inquiry on their file. If she doesn't want another hard inquiry, I would advise her to make it clear in the letter.
Comment 6 by kellbell
Thanks User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Thanks.
Comment 7 by hjm331
Also User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Tell her to send it by certified mail so you'll have proof that they received the letter.
Comment 8 by kellbell
Red User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Good thinkin'
Comment 9 by lindalu
Gemb Info User Icon on 2008-05-10

Remarks I included old navy in my bk and not my jc penneys... Gemb ended up closing my jc penney account also and I only owed $103...! so I think they keep your info in their system and when you apply for anything they finance it comes up and you get denied
Comment 10 by namrata
Customer Service Never Picks Phone. User Icon on 2011-02-25

Remarks The customer service never picks up phone. You have to deal with the recorded voice. Gap charged inaccurate late fees & finance charges. I have been trying to talk to someone in customer service & have no luck so far. Big frauds!!!
Comment 11 by kiejon9
Customer Service Never Picks Phone. User Icon on 2011-02-26

Remarks What phone #### are you calling
Comment 12 by law man
Re: Denied? User Icon on 2013-09-24

Remarks Does GE really ban you for having a bad account? i had a bad account with GE when i first joined the military but that was 6 years ago. i applied for a gap card when my credit score was 535 and when it was 689 and got denied both times -_-. this sucks because i really like shopping at the Gap lol
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