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Written by: debtor00 on 2008-05-05

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debtor00's review: Callout Comment It's a pretty big mystery around here how target issues credit and upgrades to Visa. I was reading Yoyo's story of how the cs rep told her they have different criteria for approving credit online than they do when you apply in the store.

* I think target marketing dept is involved with issuing credit in the store in a scheme to get more regular target shoppers MY THEORY IS THE LESS YOU SHOP AT TARGET THE MORE LIKELY YOU ARE TO GET THE PREAPPROVAL SLIP WITH VERY LITTLE REGARD TO YOUR CREDIT HISTORY.

* For instance, I used to be a pretty regular target shopper until a pretty embarrassing incident happened in the store (don't want to talk about it).

* Anyways, I did not go back into target for over a year out of shame while I waited for the incident to blow over. The day I got the nerve to go back into target after over a year of avoiding them I used my debit card and I got the preapproval slip.

It seems as if they were pulling out all the stops to get my business back.

Most people that I hear about getting the Visa upgrade have similar stories. I hear a lot of people that had sock drawered their redcard for a while and then used it on a whim, and bam in the mail came the upgrade. It's as though target offered the Visa so that they could begin to advertise target to themselves everywhere else they shopped by having that big target logo more likely to be in their wallet (and get some high interest from them in the mean time).


Comment 1 by lindalu
Got Preapproved And Was Declined? User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks Well last year I got the preapproval slip when I used a major credit cardand went on line and used the preapproval code and was denied the card...?

kind of weird you talk about an incident as I also had an incident at target the year prior and yeah I don't want to talk about it either... Lol

I think you get the preapproval slip on your receipt when you use any major credit card though but they do run a credit when you apply and have the option to decline you at that time
Comment 2 by debtor00
Has Anyone Heard User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks Is it true that chase just took over target's credit card today?
Comment 3 by arod
Well I Haven't Heard Of It User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks This card is handle by Retail National Bank ( RNB )

I doubt chase would handle this card
Comment 4 by mark
GE Took Over. User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks I read somewhere on this forum that it's GE Bank that bought some shares.

not completely took over but they now have a say.
Comment 5 by hjm331
RE: Mark User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks It's not GEMB. It's still Target National Bank (TNB) but they were thinking of selling their card services to another bank. I don't know the latest news on this topic.
Comment 6 by meya
Hi User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks I hate to be the one to say this, but I have a funny feeling this should have been directed to the Network. Remember the feedback to the reviews from FG, they are seriously in effect.

debtor00, this would be a good positng for this thread




There is a thread started for all credit card questions or suggestions. Just wanted to throw a bug in for you.

Good Luck! And great info.
Comment 7 by arod
TARGET CARD User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks Well I don't know I got approved 1 week ago for the target red card and my credit file says... RNB I get credit alert with Trans union and I got my card..

And I'm not happy with the credit line of $200
Comment 8 by arod
Debtor00 User Icon on 2008-05-06

Remarks Yes you were right I just read it on banks magazines and more than half of the taget credit card sold to CHASE... So guys with the target card prepare to see your statement with chase logo.

They sold 3bill to chase. CC

Take care,

Comment 9 by yoyo11
Thanks For Everyone Input User Icon on 2008-05-06

Remarks I've read that on a web page... Sorry meya I know this should be on a forum tread... But if you use a debt card, it shows the stores (target, jcpenny) that you rather pay cash and not so fast to opt for credit cards to make your purchase... Therefore you handle you money better in a way... Thats how you get the a pre approvals w/debt cards... Anyone hear of this?
Comment 10 by debtor00
That's An Idea Too. User Icon on 2008-05-06

Remarks That's an idea too yo yo, but my feeling was based on my days working in corporate headquarters for a department store years ago. They simply pushed the idea that the more people have a credit card to their store, the more likely they are to buy stuff from their store. And there's PLENTY of leeway for customers with riskier credit histories with store cards because the risk is offset by the price markup (like 200 percent or more).
Comment 11 by rivasglo
Target Website User Icon on 2008-05-06

Remarks At the very bottom of the login page to view your cc info says:

"REDcard: Target Visa and Target Card are credit cards issued by Target National Bank, an affiliate of Target Stores. Subject to credit approval."

Maybe one of these days we will see something different.
Comment 12 by colonative
TNB/RNB User Icon on 2008-08-10

Remarks RNB=Retailers National Bank; back when Target Corporation was still called Dayton-Hudson Corporation RNB was their bank that issued Target, Mervyn's, Daytons, Hudson's and Marshall Field's cards. In 2004-ish Dayton Hudson's were turned into Marshall Fields and then sold to May Department Stores and Mervyn's was sold to a private equity group leaving only Target who then renamed themselves Target Corporation and renamed the bank Target National Bank (TNB). Of course, the Marshall Field's and Mervyn's cards were sold to other banks.

Target and Nordstrom are the rare cases these days in that they still own their own credit divisions. Every other retailer has sold out to Citi, GE Money, HSBC and now Chase.
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