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Written by: eldarwen on 2008-05-01

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eldarwen's review: Callout Comment I have just received my Discover card in the mail today. I called to activate my card, which was easy, but what I did not like was the fact that they tried to sell me all this stuff that I don't want. I ended up putting other balances from my Amex and Chase Freedom card on there. I just wanted to use this card so I have only one payment to make not two. I don't really plan on using this card, knowing that it is not accepted everywhere. But the perks on the card do look nice.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks Congrats on the new card! What's the limit they approved you for?
Comment 2 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks Congrats on your approval Enjoy you new card.

if you don't mind can you please let us know your credit line because I have this card for 6 years with a credit line of $1000


Comment 3 by eldarwen
Limit User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks They have given me a $3,000 limit. I'm gonna leave it at that right now. I'm taking advantage of the 0% for a year on balance transfers. I just want to pay the two balances I put on there paid off. Just a warning to everybody, when you do a balance transfer to Discover, they charge you a one time fee of $21.
Comment 4 by hjm331
$21 User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks Eldarwen, there's a $21 charge on each balance transfer or just for one?
Comment 5 by eldarwen
Charge User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks $21 on each transfer. A little stupid and another way to make money off of you. I had to ask the lady if the $21 was a one time thing or no, she told me that It would be a one time thing.
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