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Written by: bwebb1978 on 2008-05-01

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bwebb1978's review: Callout Comment I received this card in the first part of April, with a CL of 2000, so far I think its a great card, the website was just made over but could still use a few more features, but I was wondering if anyone in the FG Community knew how Discover was on CLI's, I have read other post where individuals were getting 7000+ CL and I was wondering how Discover did their CLI, because there is not a "love button" on the website. Are CLI's automatic or do I have to call and ask any info that can be provided would be great.


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Bwebb User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks I don't have a Discover card myself but I have heard they are very stingy with CLI's but give big CL's at the time of approval. Go figure. Have you tried calling their CS and asking for one? If not, then you should.
Comment 2 by arod
Discover Card Info. User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks Well I have had Discover card... The silver design here for 6 year my credit line is still $1000 its good to have but credit line at least for me is ok not great but ok..

if I ever get a credit line increase I will post it here.


Comment 3 by colonative
Discover User Icon on 2008-09-04

Remarks I had huge fights with Discover over the credit line. I started 11/99 with $1,500. I requested $500 2/00 (hard credit inquiry) and was approved. Then in 8/00 I requested $1,000 (another hard inquiry) and was approved for only $500 of it. By 8/01 I requested $1,500 and only got $500! So by 8/01 I was at $3,000. Then, 8/02 they automatically gave me $1,000, 2/03 another automatic $1,000 and again 8/03 another $1,000! So by 8/03 I was at $6K. Then sometime between 8/03 and 2/05 they gave me another automatic $1800. I am still at $7,800 but I rarely use the card since 1/05 when I switched to my Citi Dividend.

My advice: Don't ask them for increases because they are hard inquiries and they just don't give you enough to warrant the inquiry. What Discover wants to see is usage. They will give you increases as they see fit (and in my case once I stopped asking I got 3 increases every 6 months).

Just use the card a lot and they will reward you.
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