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Written by: adam on 2008-04-30

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adam's review: Callout Comment I was just wondering if anyone had another number to Capital One to possibly talk to an underwriter. I applied on March 28th and was declined right off. Since then my credit score has gone up 50 points (647) so I thought that I would apply again so I did, this time I called in and spoke with a customer service rep. I told her my situation and that I had applied about a month ago and asked her if she thought that it would be worth applying again. She said yes, so I did. This time she told me that their decision was "under review." I was somewhat optimistic thinking that at least they were considering it this time. Anyway, I called today to see what the status was and the cs rep I spoke with this time told me that they had not even looked at it or pulled my credit because I applied less the 90 days ago and you can not re-apply in less then 90 days time?? I don't know why the first person I spoke with didn't inform me of this. My credit is poor not because I defaulted in loans but because I had a bad accident and didn't have insurance at the time. I have since acquired 3 credit cards, two of them with HSBC and never been late and pay the balance off in full each month. I would like to have a Capital One card and actually get something back for using the card. Anyway, I don't mean to ramble but any other suggestions would be appreciated. I really don't want to wait another 3 months to get this card. If one of their underwriters were to look at my credit report and recent score I don't see why they would not give me a card.


Comment 1 by wildrage2
Hmmm... User Icon on 2008-04-30

Remarks I guess they have their policies...

Have you considered applying for the Hooters Card through Merrick?

Comment 2 by hjm331
Try This User Icon on 2008-04-30

Remarks Try calling this number. Maybe then can help you out.

Comment 3 by adam
No Luck... User Icon on 2008-04-30

Remarks I tried that number and it won't do anything unless you have a account number, and I don't. Thanks anyway. I guess I may just have to wait for 90 days and that sucks!
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: Adam User Icon on 2008-04-30

Remarks Did u press 0 or wait a few seconds for a rep to pick up? If the computer asks you for an account 2-3 times and you don't press anything, it'll transfer you to a rep. Try that and let me know what happens. Good Luck
Comment 5 by kbs
Samething Happen Too Me! User Icon on 2008-04-30

Remarks They Had to look at it Manually, because of the time Frame... Heres the Number that cahnge it all>>>

1-877-513-9959... Not only I got my new card and very decent credit limit...
Comment 6 by adam
Thank You User Icon on 2008-04-30

Remarks I tried that number and the CS rep gave me a number to another office where I could speak to an underwritter. If anyone wants the number it is 800-548-4593

Their hours are from 12:00 to 3:00 PM EST - I will try them tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks again everyone for you help!
Comment 7 by yoyo11
Hello User Icon on 2008-04-30

Remarks I applied for CapOne on 3/27. I called for reconsideration, she told me off the bat that I had to wait 90 days to reapply and to call again 5/1. (that's 34 days LOL!!!
Comment 8 by adam
Spoke To Account Manager User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks She was very nice and listened to my spill about why my credit took a turn for the worse when I was hospitalized. I explained to her that I could have filed for BK but I did not and have been paying my hospital collection accounts slowly but surely. She assured me that they would review my application and reconsider and contact me within 15 days so well see. At least I don't have to wait 90 days to try again and I was able to talk to someone who could help me rather the some lame CS rep reading from a script. I will let everyone know if they hook me up so others can use this approach if necessary. Thanks again!
Comment 9 by yoyo11
Hi Adam User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks I just applied over the phone and of course I have to waith a few weeks... We'll see what happens... Good luck
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