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Written by: llay1 on 2008-04-29

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llay1's review: Callout Comment 5% cash back on only $100 max per month = $5 max!!!

You must spend over $3000 to get the 1% cash back, otherwise it's.25% or.5%

Wow... Not that great imo!!!


Comment 1 by mcnally
Are You Kidding Me? User Icon on 2008-04-29

Remarks Well, most credit cards, store cards are like that anyway..

before you get a sizable amount of cash back like 25 -50 dollars..

you probably would have spent >2000 or more.

it looks good on paper, but if you read the fine prints..

which by the way are not readable at all!!!

due to the smallest font possible and the most confusing sentence construction I have ever read. ( if you're not a lawyer or para legal) you definitely know what I mean.
Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: Mcnally User Icon on 2008-04-29

Remarks This isn't a store card. Ya the rewards are pretty lame. I wonder if the rewards for the Discover More card are any better.
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