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Written by: denise on 2007-02-21

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denise's review: Callout Comment I wish I had read this review before getting this card. I totally agree with most, the reps seem to be so robot like and as if you are out to steal something from this company, and that we should be grateful that we have been approved. I also called to activate my card and was asked to make a payment, something about the good customers always make a payment right away I told the rep no I would make one before my due date. And I have made 2 payments of $50 each one online and of course was charged $4, and also through my bill pay online. Surprise surprise, there is a 7 day hold for checks to clear so of course my available credit is not $100 more, and both payments have cleared my bank... I have never had this many issues with any of my other cards... And I have an Orchard Bank and they have raised my credit 2 times in the 1 year I have had the card... Always on time and pay more than the minimum... This company is shady. I will be canceling this card as soon as I pay off all the fees that I have been charged, this has truly been a waste of time and a lot of money, take my advise and do not even apply for this card!!!

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