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Written by: arod on 2008-04-28

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arod's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card and they told me application under review can anybody who has this card give me some Info. they gave me a number that I will check like two days from now..

Thank you.



Comment 1 by wildrage2
Bank? User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Does anyone know for sure if this is offered through Target Bank, or GE Money Bank? I want this card in the future, but I burned GE a few years ago and they won't give me the time of day...
Comment 2 by janz1974
WHO OWNS TARGET VISA User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Target National Bank is still the owner for the Target cards (store and Visa).
Comment 3 by arod
Target User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Well to my surprise they gave me there target card not the Visa and a credit line of $200 guess where this card is going... Yeap your right sock drawer..

Wow $200... This is usefull can any body really use this... Help please so I can calm down...
Comment 4 by meya
Call Them User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Target is so whishy-washy with their approvals, but if you got that message, you might be getting some love from them. I usually hear "Denied" or "Approved" but not for a huge limit. Your best bet is to call them. Good luck!
Comment 5 by arod
Thank You User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Thank you Meya
Comment 6 by eric
Target User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks I think we all started with the $200 CL... They usually increase the $200 CL to $500 after 3rd billing cycle.
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