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Written by: jay on 2007-02-05

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jay's review: Callout Comment This card is such a scam. They sent me a bill that was already due when I got the card w/ a $247 balance already on it. I figured that was fine bc fixing your credit doesn't come for free. They then took a payment from me but would not activate my account bc they said my phone number wasn't coming up correctly in their system. They then suggested I call my service provider which I did and was told there is nothing wrong with my phone. So I called the card company back and asked to speak to a manager and was told I could not. Then the person I was speaking to put me on hold and came back a few minutes later saying he was a manager. This company is very shady and in a time when decent people are just trying to fix their credit, these people are taking advantage. Not to mention they have 3 or 4 different numbers that you are bounced back and forth between and I also had to spend half of the day trying to get my payment stopped. Horrible experience. DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS CARD!!!

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