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Written by: yoyo11 on 2008-04-19

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yoyo11's review: Callout Comment I have Bank of America checking... They declined me w/credit card because of my bankrucpty in 2003... However they did offer this card... Did not get the $99/500 deal... They still have it I asked the chat lady on line...

i'll get this card once I get my tax /rebate LOL


Comment 1 by stiletto
Bank Of America Secured Card User Icon on 2008-04-19

Remarks I actually have this card and love it. I did not get offered the $99/500 deal. It was a long application process because they had to verify funds from my account with another bank. From what I have read on this forums and others, they will convert to an unsecured card after one year. I actually like this card better than the ones you have to pay a monthly fee on. I closed out both of my First Premier cards at the beginning of the year. That's when I got this card.
Comment 2 by debtor00
Check Mail User Icon on 2008-04-19

Remarks They didn't immediately offer me the 99/500 but I received the offer in the mail about 2 weeks later to my surprise. Be on the look out for it. It may still be coming.
Comment 3 by meya
Take It User Icon on 2008-04-19

Remarks I think you should take it. The only offer I got in the mail was for the $300-$5k deposit for a full secured card. There must be something they like about you.
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