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Written by: stacy on 2007-02-01

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stacy's review: Callout Comment I have had the card for about 2 months now. I have horrible credit so I jumped at the chance. I was only given a $300 limit but hey I won't complain. I mainly wanted a card for car rental and bill payment. Anyway that aside, I called Tribute today as I wondered why I had never received a pin # in the mail for ATM use. I was advised they would mail a pin to me in 7 days. Something told me ask what the fees are for atm usage. I was told my daily limit for cash is $105. I was also told that the fee from tribute would be $5 or 5% whichever is higher. Now lucky me I don't want to use it at an ATM, I have an ATM card for this purpose. I just wanted to share that ridiculous fee and keep in mind it is in addition ot the atm fee lol. So 100$ will cost you about $7 provided you are wise and take it at once please don't be a fool and take 40 then come back for another 60 as that will run you $14. Yes you are reading correct each time you take money from ATM with the card it will hit your pocket $5 or at least that is the fee that was advised to me not sure maybe yours is different based on severity of credit.

This is not meant to be negative I am happy to have any card at this point but I just wanted to pass the info along.

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