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Written by: wildrage2 on 2008-04-14

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wildrage2's review: Callout Comment I was denied for this card because I applied and was approved for both the Macy's and Bloomingdale's cards last month.

Just wanted to give everyone a 'heads-up' that CitI will not approved more than 2 cards in 60 days. I was able to find this rule after researching it a little more on the site, but just wanted to warn people.

It's funny, instead of just stating their 60 day policy, my rejection letter listed a host of other reasons... Inquiries, late payments from 5 years ago, etc.

Sometimes it makes me wonder... How many times are all those reasons just an exuse for something else? For example, if a card usually requires a 650 FICO and you have a 640, they list all your past baddies... But if you have a 660, will they just approve you? I guess it depends on the card, but in general, I think in a lot of cases they just list some of the bad things as an exuse for their decision, even if it isn't based on that.


Comment 1 by sethatco
I Wonder User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks I wonder if that is an actual policy or case by case basis. Example, I applied and was approved for a bloomies & home dep card as well as a Citi MasterCard & Amex card along with getting a 1000 CL on my macys card which was already open 2 years. Lastly I moved my home equity to Citi. My FICO scores have not changed. The only thing that did change was I paid off about 8 grand off my other cards and have very low balances at this point.
Comment 2 by meya
So Sorry! User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks But that is Citibank for you, master of denials. I wonder how many readers in here have been rejected form citbank and just don't want to put it in here? It might overload the site... Lol.
Comment 3 by wildrage2
True... User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks I was denied for a Citibank SECURED card about 8 months ago with a FICO of approx 600 because of a 6 year old released judgment...
Comment 4 by lyyssa01
Yes, That's True... User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks Citi is kind of funny. I received one of their fliers in the mail. I applied and was approved. A week later I received another flier. Once again, applied and approved. Than the offers from Citi stopped. Same thing happened with hubby. I read it on another forum from several sources that CitI will only allow 2 applications every 60 days. Most cc only allow 1 application every 30 days.
Comment 5 by wildrage2
HSBC User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks I did the preap soft hit HSBC thing and qualified for a non-orchard HSBC card. I went through with the application and got denied because I opened up an Orchard card a couple of months ago. Does anyone know how long you have to wait in between HSBC apps?
Comment 6 by meya
Gaps User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks Never heard of that before! I only heard the "You have the max number of cards with HDBC"
Comment 7 by arod
Applying User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks When you apply to much yes you will be denied.

That alone will mess your credit files not to mention too many Inquiries

I would slow down if I were you creditors see a person applying to much as a credit problem or desperate for more credit and it will lower your FICO score.

Good luck,

Comment 8 by marym
BK ?? User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks I wanted to apply for this card but wasn't sure if they will accept someone with a BK from 4 years ago. Does anyone know?
Comment 9 by wildrage2
HSBC User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks It had nothing to do with inquiries. I was preapproved, but it said that my application was denied because I "Recenly opened a new HSBC account"
Comment 10 by lyyssa01
MaryM User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks From what I've heard Citi is not BK friendly.
Comment 11 by yoyo11
Citibank Secured User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks They do have a new secured card that's saved in a 18month cd and you get great interest.

wondering about applying for this one, it doe's take 30 days for processing.
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