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Written by: baystate on 2008-04-12

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baystate's review: I applied on-line and received an immediate approval for a $1500 credit line. My EQ is 671, EX 670. This is hands-down my favorite store!! All purchases on their card are interest free for 90 days, but minimum payments must still be made every month. I also have an HSBC Mastercard, maybe that helped because this card is issued by HSBC.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-04-12

I have this card also. I also have their MasterCard also. Both of them are good cards as long as you don't need their CS. They outsourced reps are horrible and they can never seem what you're asking for.

You should apply for the Mastercard also.

Currently, my limits with these 2 cards are:

Store card- $1,600

Mastercard- $1,000
Comment 2 by lyyssa01
Good Card... on 2008-04-12

Hubby has this card. He hates applying for credit cards, but he's a sucker for store cards. Originally he was declined because we did the application over the phone. Hubby authorized to let me give the CSR his information. The CSR was outsourced... He barely undestood me, totally screwed up the application, and declined hubs. I pitched a bad fit... Whined, acted like a real baby... The rep immediately transferred me to an underwriter, probably because he was sick of my voice.

Underwriter asked to speak to my hubby. Turned out they declined because they couldn't verify him... The rep had typed in wrong social and wrong income! Once we cleared all that up hubs was approved for $2200.

Ahh, the drama we're willing to go through for a credit card. :D
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