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Written by: baystate on 2008-04-12

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baystate's review: Callout Comment I would not recommend applying for this card. I have had no problem getting the BOA Plat Visa, Discover More, Best Buy, Home Depot, ExxonMobil. My EQ is 671, but still denied by Citi.


Comment 1 by palten
I Got Denied As Well! User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks I agree with you on this one.

I applied for the same card last 04/05 and was denied 04/07

the funny thing is the reason they denied me was for late payments on my Transunion account... Which brought me to the floor since I don't have any late payments at all..

i ordered the latest TU report the same day, and even spoke with a TU customer service... NO LATE PAYMENTS at all.

both the CS and I were wondering what Citibank was talking about.

i ended up talking to 2 different CS from Citibank named joey and Vhea

both were not helpful at all, which kinda irritate me..

i even told them I'm not asking for the reversal of the decision.

i'm just puzzled if they got the right TU report... I was afraid I'm already a victim of identity theft or something.

i wsa asking them to tell me which company was I late for..

with the latest TU report on hand, I'm 100% sure that they either got someone else' report or they made a mistake.

anyway. I won't apply again
Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks You know what the funny thing is? The Mobil Mastercard and the Hone Dept card are both offered by Citi. So it's weird how you can get approved for those but not get approved for their card.
Comment 3 by arod
Check You Score User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks When you apply to cards like this you need to have a FICO check..

this card FICO required is 727 or higher

so if you aren't higher don't take that risk

to apply

I want blue from AMEX and until I don't reach there FICO match

I wont apply.

Thanks, Alex
Comment 4 by lyyssa01
Arod... User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks My FICO is way lower than 700, even lower than the reviewer's, and I was approved for this card with a 3k cl. I was also approved for the CashReturns with the same score for 2500. But Ialso have an account with Citifinancial where I've been in perfect standing. That may have something to do with my approval.

Baystate, did you apply for Mobil and Home Depot first? Because Citi only allows 2 approvals of of their cards for 60 days. If you applied and were approved for the other 2 Citis, they may have denied you because of that.
Comment 5 by crazy2k5
Re: User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks Citi bank is very funny. My sister applied for this card and was declined and her credit is wayyy better than mine. I was approved for this card and my scores range from 605 to aboot 620. The limit was only $500 but my foot is in the door. But I also have a exxon mobil card that I have had for some time. I just want my scores high enough so I can get their American Express. Thats my dream card.
Comment 6 by meya
U R Not Alone! User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks Yes they are difficult to get. I was denied a few times from this bank, I gave up even trying for an approval from them, and added them to my "HIT LIST!"
Comment 7 by baystate
Arod User Icon on 2008-04-13

Remarks I applied for the ExxonMobil first and was approved immediately. Then I applied for Home Depot and was approved immediately with a $5,000 line. I guess Citi has different requirements for their direct cards.
Comment 8 by colonative
Inquiries/New Accounts User Icon on 2008-08-23

Remarks If you applied for all of those other accounts in a short amount of time then Citi is doing their job by declining the application.

If a bank sees a large amount of new accounts in a short period of time it will view that as a possible fraud situation called bust out. People will opened up several new cards, charge them up and never pay.

I love Citi; I have a Citi Platinum Select Visa and a Citi Dividend MasterCard as well as the AT&T Universal MasterCard(originally another bank but bought by Citi).
Comment 9 by bossman
Re: Denied User Icon on 2010-08-28


I used their card once before, about 5 yrs ago to pay off 2 cards that had their apr's jump from a low to approx 14%  which was HIGH for me a few years ago.

I have applied again because of bestbuys card going from 16.99 at time of application to 22.39 now-8 weeks ! It is a pay it off in 18 months no interest. But be careful NOT to miss a payment, the Citi platinum I will use to pay off a bank card that also JUMPED 6 points in 5 months, to 16.99, and another>>> hsfs<<<no interest card (pay off 18 months) I just do not trust hsfs and wa't to pay it off six months early. I read where they tried to stick it to people who paid on-time AND followed the rules.

CITI has a rewards card, DRIVERS EDGE you could use to save for a car down payment or other expenses, all was well 9.9 %, $13900 line  THEN LAST YEAR they decided  EVERYONE SHOULD PAY A $60 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP, you'll get it back with the rewards and low apr, well IF I WANTED to pay an annual fee I'd get an airline card from us-scare, or another screw the cutomer carrier. Does anyone know if Frontier air is still operating out of PHL to Denver ? Have a good holiday everyone and WATCH YOUR STATEMENTS for any nasty surprises.
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