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Written by: albert on 2007-01-20

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albert's review: Callout Comment As a long standing Kroger shopper the reward card sounded like a winner to me.
Unfortunately I made the mistake of transferring a balance to take advantage of the 12 month 0% rate that was supposed to save me lots of money.

My first surprise was discovering a $50 transfer fee on my first bill.

My next surprise was discovering that I was being charged interest on all purchases, even though I would pay them off monthly, because I was carrying a balance due to the transfer I had made.

My final surprise was discovering that my payments to cover purchases were applied to the 0% transferred balance. The net result was that in 3 months I was paying 12.99% on the amount I had transferred to take advantage of their 0% offer.

The promotional brochure promises great savings but read the fine print! The balance transfer offer is clearly deceptive. I feel my trust in a grocer I had a long relationship with was taken advantage of.

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