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Written by: alpha on 2008-04-10

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alpha's review: Callout Comment I've had an AMEX card for several years because it's nice to be able to make a big purchase without worrying about the whole credit limit thing. One thing I really like about them is that they're paying attention to any potential problems -- once when I bought something that was a little unusual they did call me up just to make sure I was the person using the card.


Comment 1 by arod
Excellent Card User Icon on 2008-04-12

Remarks Enjoy you new card,

and welcome to the Amex Family

Comment 2 by arod
Credit Limit Decrease User Icon on 2008-08-03

Remarks Some info on those who worry about Credit Limit Decrease.

Please click on link

http://www.Msnbc. Msn.com/id/25419005
Comment 3 by arod
This Applies To All Cards !!! User Icon on 2008-08-03

Remarks All AMEX cards... Don't worry this is just for people who pay late there bill. Or don't use the cards

Anyway please read

http://www.Msnbc. Msn.com/id/25419005
Comment 4 by arod
Also User Icon on 2008-08-03

Remarks These bank will be doing the same... Sorry for this bad news

Comment 5 by danny
Good Article But... User Icon on 2008-08-03

Remarks I read the article but I think it mentioned they are reducing credit limits to those who are more likely to default, not to those who are late with their cards. I assume as they peak into your credit report from time to time and with certain criteria they can reduce your limit to prevent any late payments or default on their cards in the future. I've seen on this board some that have large credit limit AMEX cards seem to have just started having credit and they got reduced. I would say that is one risk factor right there. The longer you have credit the more they will trust you. This doesn't seem to be happening with store cards though. Thanks for the heads up.
Comment 6 by meya
Thanks User Icon on 2008-08-03

Remarks Arod, I added the link over to:


So that people can see it on the Network!
Comment 7 by arod
Thanks Meya User Icon on 2008-08-03

Remarks Meya no problem the more people know this info. The better

Take care MEYA

Danny if I can find the other info. On American Banker I will also post it..

Lets see.

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