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Written by: eldarwen on 2008-04-09

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eldarwen's review: Callout Comment My streak is over for getting approved for credit cards. I decided to apply for another Amex card, but was denied due to the fact that my balance and inability to pay. My balance is well under the limit and I use less than half the credit limit (I have Blue) I pay more than the minimum when the bill comes. My FICO score is 736. I think I will put my Amex in my sock drawer and pay off the $640 and keep a $0 balance on it for a while.


Comment 1 by meya
Good Thing User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks Which card did you apply for when you got denied? Well at least you are doing the right thing and not abusing yourself with over-credit. It's ok, just come and joing us in the "Credit Addicts Club" and rest yourself for 6 months- 2 yrs. I will send you a link, so check your mailbox.
Comment 2 by kasglan
Please Send The Link To Me Too User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks Hey meya I am interested in coming in to this club to for at least six months can u please send me the link cuz I need some support!!!
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Kasglan User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks Got ya, check your message box.
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