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Written by: vinny on 2007-01-17

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vinny's review: Callout Comment I applied to a email they sent me for a credit card and to my surprise I GOT IT.  It had a $300.00 credit limit. I had a credit FICO then of 503. That was 15 months ago. Now after paying off full balance each month or close to it, and paying on time or early they have increased me to $800.00, they dropped my yearly fee by $50.00 and their customer service has been very good the only time I called. HIGHLY recommend , and by the way along with a new car purchase 24 months ago, my FICO back then was 486, that too was paid on time and in full each month, my FICO is now 598, up 112 points in 1 year mostly due to this card. I  get a mess of offers, but I have refused to fall into the trap of getting in too deep, I have a start at getting straightened out thanks to ASPIRE and I plan on keeping it and paying my bill on time and looking forward to the day I see 700 something as my FICO, it is possible to do it if you pay attention and don't apply to every card mailing. Get 1 or 2 and that's it. Pay as required and you will love to see your score go way up.

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