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Written by: hjm331 on 2008-04-07

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hjm331's review: I got approved for this card today! Oh yeah, review #1300!

Got approved for a $2k limit!

My FICO scores range from 650-700!

Will update when card comes!!


Comment 1 by mcnally
Great Card! on 2008-04-08


good things come to those who are good!

this review is definitely believable!

don't go on a spending spree

congratulations again
Comment 2 by lyyssa01
YAY!!! on 2008-04-08

That's great, Hjm! What kind of apr and rewards are you looking at? I have to admit, not much of a sports person, so not really a card I'd be interested in :p

But I can see where someone would want it. :D
Comment 3 by hjm331
Thanks! on 2008-04-08

Thanks for everyone's support!

Lyyssa, the interest rate is about 24%. I can always sockdrawer the card for utilization.

Rewards-1 point for every $1 spent on all purchases. It's a good deal.
Comment 4 by meya
GET OUT OF HERE! on 2008-04-08

WAY TO GO LIL BRO! HAAAAAAA-HAAAAAA! You go baby with the tier one cards. I don't blame you for the applying because I know that we are trying to let these subprimers go. It is called THANK YOU AND GOODBYE! You are doing exactly right with the card, and yes the apr is pretty high, but it beat what the subprimmers are doing to us. Keep us posted with your overall use of the card.
Comment 5 by arod
Congrats on 2008-04-08

Well good Luck to you.
Comment 6 by eric
Cool Card on 2008-04-08

I got about 10 Wamu credit card offers in the mail at my moms house for me... And this is one of them... Im afraid to apply for one from them because they denied me back in May of 07... But congrats HJM sweet card... But horrible apr... Lol
Comment 7 by hjm331
Thanks Everyone on 2008-04-08

Yeah, I agree. The APR is pretty bad but I'd rather have a higher limit than my other cards ($1k) than have a low interest rate.
Comment 8 by hjm331
Anyone Else? on 2008-04-08

Does anyone else have this card? Please let me know.
Comment 9 by debtor00
Congrats on 2008-04-10

Congratulations on the new card!!!
Comment 10 by eric
APR on 2008-04-10

I agree HJM! APR has no relevance unless you roll over the balance, if your a pay in full you have no worries about the interest rate.
Comment 11 by hjm331
RE: Eric on 2008-04-10

I rarely carry balances so I don't have to worry about the interest rate like you said. I just can't wait until the card comes! Lol
Comment 12 by garydman
Two Cycle Billing on 2008-04-26

In addition to that nasty interest rate, you also have 2 cycle average daily balance billing too. WaMu is in the same league as Orchard bank. Lousy customer service. Truely near the bottom of the barrel.
Comment 13 by colonative
HJM on 2008-08-17

I keep getting offers for this card as well. WaMu has been worse then Cap 1 in terms of the amounts of offers being sent. I've been offered the ESPN three times now, the regular "WaMu seal" card twice and then a Platinum that comes in like four colors three times. Geez. I am saving my new account/inquiry for an Amex so these all get shredded.

Does the ESPN Visa offer WaMu's free TU score? Too bad they give TU, because TU's scores are always over-inflated (ie not really a true score).
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