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Written by: mary on 2007-01-08

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mary's review: Callout Comment I applied for the credit card about a month ago, have had the card for a couple of weeks. The day I got it, I tried to activate the card, only for them to tell me I could not activate because I was not calling from the same number as provided on the application. Since I knew I provided my cell since it was the only # I have, I figured I must have entered in a number wrong. When I tried to explain this to them, they told me there was nothing I could do. They are still expecting me to make a payment this month and I have no idea what I am supposed to do. Obviously I am not going to give money to someone who will not activate my cc. It's the biggest scam I've ever heard of.

The customer service # given on the back of the card is just an automated customer service. To get a real person, you have to call a different # entirely. I've never heard of a company doing that before!! I tried calling them for an hour today and could not get through to a real person. The system doesn't even put you on hold, it just disconnects completely, so I had to dial the # several times, only for it to keep hanging up on me.

The one person who I actually was able to talk to a couple of weeks ago was very rude. I was trying to find the online customer service when I happened upon this site. Please, if your are considering applying for this card, just don't. It might seem like a good deal if you have bad credit, but it's really not.

I will continue to try to reach "customer service" today. If I can't, I'm contacting the BBB.

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