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Written by: bramford on 2008-04-04

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bramford's review: Hi everyone, I got another approval. Credit limit $5300. I do not know what the interest rate is yet. I just Love CitiBank.


Comment 1 by crazy2k5
Congrats on 2008-04-04

This is a really nice card. I just got it about 2 months ago. Citi bank is the best. I love everything about them. The customer service is great. The online account service is great. This is my best card besides capital one. You are going to love it. Congrats again.
Comment 2 by lyyssa01
Congratulations!!! on 2008-04-04

My husband has this card, he loves it. But we love anything by Citi, they've been so good to us.
Comment 3 by sethatco
A Card Too Many on 2008-04-04

Bramford I am all for credit in reason, its always nice to be rewarded for good payment history. Having said that you have accumulated several cards in a very short span of time which must mean several hard inquiries on at least 2 of the 3 CB's. As happy as I am to see you get love from Citi. You may want to consider slowing down the card rush and save an inquiry for when you really need it going forward for awhile. I am not trying to down you just trying to keep the spirit of the site alive with offering that little voice of reason.

As for the terms of the card its zero % for either 6 or 12 months and same with balance transfer. After that its anywhere between 9.9 and 15 % depending on what tier they put you in at the time of approval.
Comment 4 by debtor00
Wow on 2008-04-04

Well, if your car is not in danger of dying anytime soon, so you won't have to try to get a car loan, you don't plan on buying a house, you're not expecting any children that could quickly put you in the market for a car or a house, you have good job stability so you won't have to make any life changes, and you have at least three months worth of regular expenses in a savings account so that you're prepared for emergencies and you pif every month so you're not drowning in debt. I say strike while the iron is hot. It's a lot harder to get credit when you really have an emergency because the credit bureaus have a way of reflecting the fact that you're having an emergency. So I say get it and have it on the back burner now, and use it in good health!! But stop soon so that at least a year can lapse before you find yourself in any of the situations I listed above. CONGRATULATIONS! Your credit journey has become an inspiration to me.
Comment 5 by ash
Mr Bramford on 2008-04-04


how many accounts have you opened this year so far?

You may want to evaluate your portfolio and see which cards are beneficial and toss the ones that aren't.

Example high interest rates and annal fees, misc charges versus rewards and cash back etc.

I'd say keep the best and toss the rest... And like the last poster said if you already have your car or (cars) and mortgage and some pesos in the bank you should be straight now right???
Comment 6 by bramford
MB C300 on 2008-04-04

Hello everyone. Thank you for all of the concern that you have shown toward my finances. I now have 17 cards and two car leases, the new one being a Mercedes C300. I own a 3 million house, I currently make close to $2.5 million, so there is no need to worry about me. I have stopped applying for cards for at least the next 6 months unless some spectacular comes along that I simply could not refuse. Once again, thank you for all the care and concern.


Comment 7 by markrivers
I'm Waiting For Your Next Approval on 2008-04-05

Hi there bramford!

WOW! You're breaking records here!

everytime I open this forum, I see another approved application!

you're in a roll buddy!

although, income doesn't really play a role in the FICO score, unfortunately..

someone who's earning 30,000 a year can have a FICO in the 750 -800 depending on how good they play the game.

anyway... Congratulations once again!

you need to buy another wallet from nordstrom to house your cards ha ha ha!
Comment 8 by arod
Congrats on 2008-04-05

I love Citibank this bank is very good with the credit lines based on my brother info. I have Citibank Platinum Select.. And for me they are one of the best next to AMEX.

Good luck to you,

Comment 9 by eldarwen
Congrats! on 2008-04-05

Congrats on the card! You really seem to be on a roll with the approvals!
Comment 10 by hjm331
BofA Vs Citi on 2008-04-05

Which one is a better credit card overall? Anybody have a card from both banks?
Comment 11 by miguel8787
I Have Both . on 2008-04-05

I have both one BOA Visa signature and a Citi dividend platinum card. I just got approved for the premier pass from Citi. Both are two of the best cards I have but I find Citi to be more generous with credit lines and credit increases. But overall, both are great cards.
Comment 12 by arod
Yes My Wife on 2008-04-05

She has both Bank of America and Citibank and many other credit cards and her FICO is 710 and we both agree Citibank is better over 25 years of experience with many banks... We get better offers from CITIBANK... WE ALSO HAVE HIGHER CREDIT LINES

And at the end they all do the same.

Comment 13 by bramford
Citibank Is Better. on 2008-04-05

Citibanks CS is better than BofA, CB has lower interest rates than BA, and CB gives higher CL's than BA. BofA is the old peoples bank, Citibank is the bank of the future, and the new generation. CitiBank is the winner hands down.
Comment 14 by arod
THANK YOU on 2008-04-05

Comment 15 by eric
BofA Vs Citi on 2008-04-05

I don't have a lot of experience with Citi besides a $10k unsecured loan I took out with them 7 months ago... So far everything is good... But Citi may not be the future-they are struggling right now... I will agree though... Unless your a high roller in bofa most of the CLI I see are between 500-5000 at a time generally $1500-3000
Comment 16 by hjm331
RE: Eric on 2008-04-05

In May, my BofA credit card will turn 1 year old. Should I expect a CLI?
Comment 17 by bramford
HJM on 2008-04-05

High HJM. All I can say is I would not hold breath on it, and if BofA does give you a Cli, I could bet on it that will not be very much. ;-)
Comment 18 by hjm331
RE: Bramford on 2008-04-05

So is Citi more generous with CLI's when compared to Bank of America?
Comment 19 by lyyssa01
Citi CLI... on 2008-04-05

Citi has a luv button on their website. From what I've heard people click the button and request an amount. I've read of people requesting up to $5000 and getting immediate approval. These approvals are done with soft pulls, so if it's a higher amount (like 10,000) they require hard pulls.

You do have to have the account open and in good standing for 6 months. I have yet to hit the luv button, my Citi accounts are less than 6 months old.
Comment 20 by arod
Citibank on 2008-04-05

Citibank is more generous my wife has both and she says I feel like closing them all the time (BOA) and that's because she doesn't need them she ask me if I wanted to be a second card holder I said no thanks... I am second card holder with Citibank cards her credit line is $8000 and her BOA IS ONLY $2600 BUT I still want her to keep it

My mother has also CITIBANK with $13,000 credit line

MY father has Citibank also with a credit line of $15,000

Alex Myself has a new account #6 month my credit line is $1000
Comment 21 by arod
Citibank 2 on 2008-04-05

Yes my credit line is $1000 because I have to much credit cards but I know in time they will raise it as long as I don't default on any account I'm ok

HJM331 I not trying to say Bank of America wont give you a CLI but it will take more time to get it.

And again if your credit is excellent or good try to look in to a getting a Citibank credit card I know you'll be happy but this is just a comment.

Take Care, Alex
Comment 22 by hjm331
RE: ARod on 2008-04-05

Thanks for the advice man. I will keep my Bank of America card and I will also apply for some Citibank cards in the meantime also. I just want to get my foot into the door with them.
Comment 23 by markrivers
Citibank Platinum Citibank MC on 2008-04-05

These talks about Citibank got me interested to apply.

unfortunately, I got the response that they need to review my application within 30 days... I guess it's a denial.

oh well! Citibank is not for me YET.

right now, I have a BofA Platinum VISA, Chase Platinum VISA, WaMU VISA, HSBC Mastercard, Delta Skypoints AMEX, BestBuy Store Card, GEMB Banana REpublic Luxe Card, Target Red Card and a NEW Macy's RED Card.
Comment 24 by bramford
Easy As Pie on 2008-04-05

I called CitiBank this morning and asked for a credit increase $2000 to $4000. I was approved within 4 hours.


Comment 25 by lyyssa01
Bramford... on 2008-04-06

For which of your Citi cards? And how long have you had it? I would like to get an increase of my CashReturns, but they told me to wait the 6 month mark.
Comment 26 by bramford
Lyssa on 2008-04-06

I got the increase on the green color CitiBank cash returns card. Last month in Feb. I asked and got a CLI from $1000 to $2000, and just this morning I got the CLI $2000 to $4000, and I have had the card for six months.
Comment 27 by bramford
Lyysa on 2008-04-06

Go read my review on Citibank's CashReturns Card. The card is located in the section where excellent credit is required in order to apply for the card.
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